A little country to help with the mood...
—Clown attempts to lift everyone's spirits.

Raymond "Clown" J. Foch is Oliver Foch's brother, and Lauryn LaRoache's boyfriend in Dying Inside. He travels with her and a large group of their friends to Silent Hill after stealing and watching a video shot there by Lynn DeAngelis.


Raymond is a high school student, attending the same school as Lauryn, his brother, and their common friend Hogg. Upon graduation, it is his goal to open a small bed & breakfast with a little restaurant inside, where he can be chef. One day, while watching Stephen King's It, Raymond's view of the world changed completely. Since that day, he's adopted the name of Clown and believes the world should be controlled by evil clowns. He has multiple facial piercings and a tattoo of a clown-like face at the base of his neck.

He's very much in love with Lauryn, but believes there is something going on between her and his younger brother Oliver. Rather then feel anger towards the pair, Clown seems to have an understanding of the situation; it isn't about either himself or Oliver. He believes Lauryn is unable to handle both of the young men loving her, but doesn't want to hurt either of them, just herself.

Dying Inside

Clown had been employed at a psychiatric facility, where he came across a camcorder with rather odd footage on it. Keeping it a secret for over a year, Clown decides to share the footage with his friends after it begins to change with each viewing. Believing the oddity to be worth exploring, Clown's girlfriend, Lauryn, organizes an expedition to the abandoned town of Silent Hill, where the film had been shot. Under the impression that they will be copying various mystic symbols seen on the tape for profit, Clown joins in the expedition with Lauryn and a large group of friends.

Arriving in Silent Hill, the group of friends splits into four smaller groups, with Clown's containing himself, his brother Payne, Lauryn, and Hogg. Their first destination is a shopping center, where Clown finds a functioning record player and begins to play some classic country, a favorite of Lauryn's. The sound garners the attention of nearby monsters, who begin attacking the group. Lauryn is abducted, but the remaining three are able to fend off the monsters, until Christabella LaRoache arrives. Before the girl can do anything, Lauryn is able to make her way back to Clown and his friends and helps them get away.

The group ends up in a sporting goods store, where they load up on weaponry. While doing so, Clown makes a plan to split the group even further, sending Hogg to Silent Hill's lighthouse to rescue any of their friends that survived there, while he, Payne and Lauryn will head to Midwich Elementary School. On the way, Clown and Payne begin to argue, with Clown alluding to his knowledge of Lauryn and Payne's relationship. Before more can be said, a winged-creature begins to attack their car, forcing Clown to ram it into a tree before it kills them all. Clown and his brother lose consciousness.

When Clown comes to outside of Midwich Elementary School, he see his friends, dead and risen as slaves, fighting off hordes of creatures under Christabella's control. When a second group of monsters, unrelated to Chirstabella, attempt to kill Clown and Payne, Lauryn is forced to do her sister's bidding in exchange for the boys' safety. When the threat is dispatched, Lauryn orders the pair to stay where they are.

With Lauryn gone, Christabella borrows blood samples for the two in order to create doppelgängers, should Lauryn betray her. Away from the action, Clown is unaware of the conflict taking place until it is over, and he and Payne end up standing outside of Silent Hill, with Lauryn wishing them both the best and sending them on their way.

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