South Vale

A map of South Vale. Rendell Street is to the south, and is easily locatable by its broken line leading out of town.

Rendell Street is a street first seen in Silent Hill 2. It is located in South Vale, the southern region of Silent Hill. While it is unknown what lies along the road's path, it is presumed that traversing along it would eventually lead one to Shepherd's Glen, although one could also take Nathan Avenue there as well. Unfortunately, those trapped in Silent Hill with access to this road will find the road blocked, preventing them from leaving the town this way.

Brookhaven Hospital is the closest discernible building, located slightly to the north on Carroll Street.

Silent Hill 2

In Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland may try and take Rendell Street, but will discover that the route has been cut off from him by a gigantic, seemingly partially-organic wall of construction scaffolding.


  • Many street names in the Silent Hill games are named as a tribute to specific people. Rendell Street's name has two possible origins. It could be named after Ruth Rendell, a famous British writer of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries. It could also be named after Martha Rendell, who was one of the last three women ever to be hung in Western Australia after killing her husband's son and possibly her own two daughters.
  • Rendell Street is one of the incorrect answers to one of the Trick or Treat Box quiz questions that James is asked while inside Brookhaven Hospital.


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