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I'm not sleeping, Son. You knew I wasn't sleeping. Why did you stand there for so long? It wasn't right... It wasn't healthy, Son. Your mother and I... will see you in Heaven, Son.
—Richard's ghost to an older Travis

Richard Grady is a character from Silent Hill: Origins. Having killed himself approximately 15 years before the events of the game, Richard's presence is not encountered until Travis Grady explores the expansive Riverside Motel.


The late father of Travis and husband to Helen Grady, Richard was left to raise their son on his own shortly after Helen was committed to the Cedar Grove Sanitarium for attempting to kill Travis and herself. Richard and his son would stay at the Riverside Motel in Silent Hill from time to time to visit Helen. Before Richard would go to see his wife, he gave young Travis some change and told him to go play in the arcade room and to wait until he returned. Due to an overwhelming sadness because of his wife's deteriorating condition, and a final meeting which ended with Helen breaking his gift, he was driven to his breaking point as he finally realized she was no longer the woman he married. He hung himself from the ceiling in Room 500 on June 12th, 1961.

RG Flashback

Travis discovering Richard's corpse.

When Travis returned to Room 500, he discovered his father's body and was reluctant to believe he was dead, so he remained inside the room, convincing himself that his father was only asleep. Both Richard and Travis were discovered by the hotel manager 10 hours later, who immediately called the police.


  • Richard's voice actor also portrays Michael Kaufmann in Silent Hill: Origins.
  • On the day of Richard's suicide, he gave Travis some change, which included a quarter that Travis kept after visiting the arcades. Ironically dubbed the "lucky quarter", it appears to memorialize the day of Richard's death, as it has the year of his suicide etched into the coin. When Travis inspects the coin he appears confused by the marking of 61, so it is not confirmed whether Richard etched the coin before his death, or if Silent Hill's Otherworld did it.

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