Alex within Rose Heights Cemetery.

Why have so many people died?
—Alex examining various graves

Rose Heights Cemetery is a location visited by Alex Shepherd in Silent Hill: Homecoming. The cemetery is one of the most prominent locales within the town of Shepherd's Glen, as it takes up a good portion of the map. It is filled with various graves, many of which are unnamed and unmarked. Alex must pass through Rose Heights Cemetery in order to reach another area of Shepherd's Glen, as large holes have inexplicably appeared, blocking the main streets. Alex reaches a rear entrance of the cemetery through his home's backyard and makes his way to the main entrance near the Founders Garden.



A map of the cemetery

The cemetery takes up a large area and contains various gardens and structures aside from the graves. There are five major areas able to be explored inside the cemetery:

  • The East Garden
  • The Family Crypts: The Family Crypts are further split into three rows: North, Mid and South, and contain small crypts, each with two caskets within.
  • The West Garden: The West Garden, which includes the entrance, contains mostly unnamed graves.
  • Founders Row: The crypts within Founders Row are inaccessible.
  • Founders Garden: Located near the entrance. The members of the town's four founding families are interned here. The founding families also hold mausoleums throughout the cemetery, two of which are in the Founders Garden.

Although the map presents clear paths through the cemetery, much of the gates and pathways have been blocked by overgrown vegetation and rubble. Much of the cemetery has also eroded; in fact, the East Garden, with its fountain and graves, has collapsed much deeper into the ground.

As the story progresses, Alex also finds that the Founders Garden in Rose Heights Cemetery is connected, via an underground tunnel system, to chambers beneath Town Hall. The underground chambers most likely played a role in the town's secret ritual and may have been involved in the events that occurred before Alex's arrival.


  • Although the founding families own mausoleums throughout the cemetery, the location of the Shepherd Family mausoleum remains unknown. It is possible that it can be found elsewhere within the cemetery, or away from it, on a different location.
  • Rose Heights Cemetery serves as the introductory location of the Feral.
  • When in Rose Heights Cemetery, the Xbox 360 gamertags names the area "Milburn Cemetery".


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