Tina? Wow, this is such a filthy place!
—Ryan, after being rescued

Ryan is a minor character from Silent Hill: The Arcade. He wears an orange T-shirt, a reggae hat, and has blond dreadlocks and a scruffy beard.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Ryan was a friend of Eric and Tina before the events of the game. Short after the Greedy Worm attack on the Otherworld version of Toluca Prison, Eric and Tina hear Ryan's cries as he is attacked, and the roars of the Split Worm. Recognizing the voice of their friend, the pair follows the sound up to a large room with a body bag hanging from a metal stage at the center.

Realizing that Ryan is trapped inside of the body bag, Eric tries to remove it in order to rescue him, but then the room changes: the metal stage becomes a cage floating into a brown liquid, with the Split Worm emerging from the liquid to attack. If it is killed in a certain period of time, Ryan emerges alive from the body bag and is taken to safety by the protagonists.

If the player fails to beat the Split Worm in time, Ryan does not arise and the protagonists move forward, visibly saddened, presuming him dead. Later, on the normal ending, Tina will ask to Eric "where are the others", wondering what happened to him.


  • Like George, it was never explained how George ended up in Silent Hill as he did not follow Eric and Tina there. Should be noted, both Ryan and George are found on Toluca Prison, so their "travel" to Silent Hill may be related somehow.
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