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Concept art of the church.

The Sacrificial Chamber is a secret church used by a fanatical cult seen in the Silent Hill film. It is located next to the Grand Hotel and can be accessed through Room 111, which is hidden behind a painting of a woman being burned alive.


The hidden sanctuary is located in the building next door to the Grand Hotel and is accessed through a secret passageway in Room 111. It has two floors: a lower floor, which appears to be a warehouse of some kind and holds all manner of items in large boxes, and a second floor, where the actual sanctuary lies. Purple curtains surround the main sanctuary, which has an inner area located directly in the middle of several rows of chairs.

Latin, "Domine Deus Omnipotens, Rex regum et Dominus dominantium, in cuius manu omnis victoria consistit et omne bellum conteritur" is "O Lord God Almighty, King of kings, Lord of rulers, in whose hand all victory rests and all war is destroyed..."



The fanatics gather to watch the burning of Alessa.

The secret hotel church is where Alessa Gillespie was taken by Christabella and her cult members to be "purified" for her sin of being born out of wedlock and possible psychic powers. Once inside the church, Alessa was shackled onto a large seal and laid over a pit of burning coals to be burned alive as a witch. The pit lied in the middle of the room, while the cultists sat and watched the ceremony.


The fire begins.

The ritual went awry, and the sanctuary was destroyed in the fire caused by the pit overturning after Alessa's body swung off of it. From there, the coals burned down through the floor of the church and into a coal mine located below, lighting the entire town of Silent Hill on fire and leading to its abandonment. Dahlia Gillespie was able to contact the police and Thomas Gucci to rescue Alessa in time.

Silent Hill


The seal Alessa was burned on in the ruined sanctuary.

Thirty years later, Rose Da Silva, Cybil Bennett, and Anna enter the sanctuary, looking for answers to the whereabouts of Rose's missing daughter. Rose sees Alessa's doppelgänger, Dark Alessa, and attempts to communicate with her; however, the ghostly child catches fire and swiftly disappears. Minutes afterwards, a siren sounds, indicating the coming of the "Darkness", and Anna hastily persuades the trio to flee from the area.


  • The destroyed version of the church was so filthy that everybody who worked on the set came out covered in soot and dirt.
  • Dark Alessa states that the cultists had met in the sacrificial chamber "many times", suggesting that several unfortunate women had met their deaths in the chamber over the years.


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