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This article is about the boss monster. For the character, see Richard Grady.

Sad Daddy is a boss from Silent Hill: Origins. He appears as a monstrous form of Travis Grady's father, Richard Grady. He is found in the Otherworld Room 500 of Riverside Motel, in contrast to Travis' physical father Richard.

A young Travis enters the room to find his father hanging from the ceiling by a noose. Travis tells him he "won the game" and he still has the quarter he gave him earlier, and Travis asks if he wants it back. Upon being told to wake up, Richard replies that he never was asleep and Travis knew this. He tells his son that it was unhealthy that Travis had remained with him for so long in the room. At this point, the flashback ends; Travis tells his father that "this is insane". Richard tells him it is time for him to face up to his past and that Richard and his wife Helen Grady will see Travis in Heaven. Richard then transforms into Sad Daddy.


Sad Daddy is fused to the room, hanging down from the ceiling and spilling in through the cage walls. He is split into three main parts, one being in the middle, which is a distorted, huge mass that ends in a humanoid face, the only recognizable feature being a large, open mouth full of human-like teeth and a very large tongue, its swollen size comparable with that of a corpse. On either side of the convulsing beast is a hollowed-out partial corpse, each being of the lower body.


He is mostly immobile, using hanging tentacles to attempt to choke Travis. He also attacks by vomiting a stream of blood and biting. The fight takes place in close quarters, which is the smallest area to fight a boss within the game. It is advised to use firearms such as the rifle or shotgun against this monster.


Richard's suicide haunted Travis.

The creature is a manifestation of Richard Grady's memory and the guilt Travis suffers for feeling responsible for his death. The corpse-like legs hanging next to both sides of the beast could represent Helen and Travis.

The tentacles from the ceiling to choke Travis refer to Richard's method of suicide.



Silent Hill Origins - Monster Daddy

  • The song that plays during the boss battle is an unnamed theme. The officially released song, "Monster Daddy", is different from the original theme.
  • There is a state of confusion as to Richard's actual transformation. His head moves to the base of the monster while his feet move up to the top.
  • It has two different death sequences: in the PSP version, its head thrashes around violently, spewing blood, then smashes into the ground and dies; in the PS2 version, it raises its head, emitting a sharp howl, and then falls down dead.


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