The Salvage Yard is a location briefly visited in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Located south of the Bartlett Winery on River View Road in Shepherd's Glen, a covered bridge must be crossed in order to enter. A section of the town's now-defunct coal mine is visible from the entrance to the Salvage Yard. It is operated, if not outright owned, by Curtis Ackers. Alex Shepherd enters the Salvage Yard in search of Curtis, hoping he may be able to fix the gun he had taken from his mother and provide information about the town and Joshua Shepherd's whereabouts.


Curtis' Salvage Yard 011

The exterior is full of appliances.

As the name implies, it is plentiful in refuse. Large appliances of all makes, cars, petroleum barrels and dumpsters lay about, transforming what can loosely be called a yard into a maze. Car parts, such as hubcaps and rims, seem to have also proliferated across the property, as well as large containers of actual waste. Aside from the main complex, what appears to be a small water tower can be seen, which prompts Alex to comment that he can recall children and teenagers daring one another to climb up the structure as high as possible. Curtis Ackers is found inside of the only structure sitting on the lot.



Alex inside Curtis' Shop.

Much like the outside, the interior of the shop is unkept. Tools and clock parts are found in sizable quantities, while pistol ammunition can also be found sitting on a cart. Two vending machines occupy one wall of the shop, while Curtis himself is seated at a bench, nursing a broken clock with a shotgun sitting nearby. While examining an old pistol brought to him by Alex, Curtis provides information on the state of the town, and a hint as to the location of Sam Bartlett. For his help, Alex decides to leave him with the broken pistol. In exchange, however, Curtis hands over the MK. 23. He says, "a soldier's gotta have a gun".

Curtis's To-do List

A small 'to-do list' can also be found.

Fix Adam's Engine.
Repair Margaret's Clock.
Clean Out Fridge.


  • The interior of the Salvage Yard is filled with stopped clocks. Upon asking Curtis, Alex learns that he has been tasked to fix them, as all the clocks in town have stopped at precisely 2:06. The meaning of the stopped clocks is learned later in the game, when it's discovered that Alex's brother, Josh, died at exactly 2:06.
  • In the 360 version near the hole in the fence Alex goes through to get to the other side of the yard, an invisible garbage can sometimes appear and be heard when Alex walks into it, causing it to roll.


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