Are you saying I'm a bad father? Who the hell are you to say that?! I did the best I could for him... You don't know anything about my son!
—Sam Bartlett snapping at Alex

Sam Bartlett serves as mayor of Shepherd's Glen during the events of Silent Hill: Homecoming. His great-great-grandfather, Mason Bartlett, was a founding member of the town. It's said that, when running for mayor, Sam did so unopposed. This was probably because it was his birth right and his responsibility as a descendant of the Bartlett family.


Sam was once a respected figure in the community. He was the father of Joey Bartlett, a friend of Alex Shepherd's brother Joshua. He loved his son dearly, and gave Joey everything he wanted in order to ensure his happiness. During the Shepherd's Glen 150th Anniversary Celebration, Bartlett was the dunkee of the dunk tank.

Throughout the course of the game, it is revealed that Sam buried his son alive as part of a pact. This decree, placed upon the founding families of Shepherd's Glen by the Order's demonic god, was meant to protect Shepherd's Glen from the corrupting influence that holds sway over the neighboring town of Silent Hill. The Bartlett family was ordered to offer their sacrifice to the earth, hence their children are buried alive.

After burying his son alive, using a big fertilizer bag to avoid suspicion, Sam apparently made a habit of digging graves and drinking to cope with the guilt.

Silent Hill: Homecoming


Sam digging graves in the Bartlett Family Mausoleum.

The mayor is first seen digging up old graves in Rose Heights Cemetery, although his identity is unknown to Alex until a later conversation with Curtis Ackers. It isn't until Alex journeys into the town of Silent Hill that Sam is actually interacted with.

Within the Otherworld's version of the Grand Hotel's atrium, Alex confronts Sam and asks him the location of his brother Joshua. The answers Alex receives vary based on what the player asks, but the end of the conversation, and ultimately the end of the story, remains the same outcome.


Sepulcher before killing Sam.

Not receiving a straight answer to his liking, Alex presents Sam with the broken watch he found in the Bartlett mausoleum and asks him about his son Joey. According to Alex, Joey and Joshua were friends, and the two may be together. Sam takes the watch and tosses it to the ground in drunken disdain, where it is absorbed by the soil as Alex castigates him. The entire atrium begins to shake and Sepulcher, a demonic manifestation of Joey Bartlett, appears. Sam begs for mercy, but is swiftly crushed to death beneath the monster's right hand.

Sam Bartlett and his deed are remembered in passing during Margaret Holloway's exposition in the torture chamber towards the finale.


  • He is voiced by David Alan Graf, who also voiced Martin Fitch in the same game.
  • The Bartlett family owns a winery, the Bartlett Vineyards, established in 1897. In Deputy Wheeler's diary, when the people of Shepherd's Glen began to disappear, someone had broke into the vineyards and hacked all of the grapevine. On the edge of the field, someone had written a message in the dirt: "Stop looking at me." This was likely done by Sam.
  • In Elle Holloway's diary, Elle mentions that she went out jogging one morning and eventually came upon Sam. He was lying passed out, drunk, on the front lawn of his mansion. He was alive, yet unresponsive as she poked him with a stick.
  • During his time in the Grand Hotel, Alex can find a series of notes that contain information on an affair involving a woman named Carol Doyle (the woman for whom Alex retrieves the "lost memories") and a man named "Sam". According to these letters, Sam loved to work in the atrium garden and Carol and her sickly husband Clayton would visit the garden often; it is also noted that he had an affair with Carol. Among the collection is a note written by Paul Ashley, stating that he witnessed Sam dragging one of his bags of fertilizer inside the unlocked atrium, "Only it didn't look like any kind of fertilizer bag I've ever used. It was real heavy and he seemed to be kinda struggling with it." Ashley contemplated telling the sheriff, but it appears nothing came of it. Sam's struggling with the bag suggests it very well could have been the corpse of Joey.
  • A manhole cover reads "Bartlett Bros. Sewer Shepherd's Glen." It is unknown whether Sam is directly involved with the construction of the sewers.
  • A glitch exists where it is possible to kill Sam before speaking to him. This does not prevent the discussion from taking place, though he will be invisible during segments of the scene, and any items that he would normally hold during this will appear to be floating of their own accord.[1]
  • At some point during the game, Sam was originally to sing a silly and nonsensical drunken chantey called "The Man in the Moon", though this was never used for unknown reasons. Sam's enthusiasm would steadily wane throughout the song, until he began to simply hum to himself, which ultimately lapses into quiet whimpering, likely over the thought of his son.


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