Let go asshole, you don't understand!
—Sanchez to Murphy in regards to the Screamer

Sanchez is incarcerated alongside Murphy Pendleton and causes commotion during the bus ride to Wayside Maximum Security Penitentiary, which contributes to the bus crash that leads to the events of Silent Hill: Downpour. He is one of the few survivors of the bus crash that lead up to the game's events and escapes into Silent Hill.


He is shown to be a hard, merciless criminal. He has many tattoos and scars on his body and has a very violent nature. Sanchez and Murphy appear to be enemies, as he is seen making derogatory comments to Murphy and later fight each other.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Sanchez is first seen in prominence when he attempts to flirt with Anne Marie Cunningham while loading onto the prison bus to Wayside. During the drive, he taunts Murphy who had just woken up from a haunting dream, and Anne snaps at Sanchez to be quiet. He responds with hostile insults which prompts her to hit the grates of the bus. This consequently causes the bus driver to take his eyes off the road, which leads him to crash the bus. Sanchez somehow escapes and gets free of his chains, running into the basement of the hotel connected to the Devil's Pitstop diner.


Sanchez is killed by a Screamer.

While exploring the basement, Murphy finds Sanchez attacking what he assumes to be a helpless woman. Murphy attempts to restrain Sanchez, which engages a brief struggle where Sanchez gets the upper hand. Just before he is able to explain the situation to Murphy, the subject of his earlier abuse, which turned out to be a Screamer, rises to its feet and slashes his throat. As such, Murphy is indirectly responsible for Sanchez's death.


  • "You have a good nap, güero? Tell me something, puta, that true what I heard about you? Did you really do it?" (to Murphy)
  • "Fuck you, güero!" (to Anne)


Sh downpour screen 110602 16

Sanchez, hanged from the tree.

  • According to an inmate transfer file that can be seen on Cunningham's clipboard when she talks to Murphy, Sanchez's first name is Richard.
  • Sanchez is the first Silent Hill character ever to speak Spanish despite previous characters having typical Spanish surnames. It also appears he has Latin American heritage.
  • Being of Hispanic descent, Sanchez strongly bears a striking ressemblance to a Mexican-American actor Danny Trejo.
  • A corpse can be seen at St. Maria's Monastery in the courtyard, hanging from a tree that normally has a tire swing attached to it. However, if Murphy does so much as turn his back, the tire swing may replace the man's dead body once he faces that direction again, but this is randomized. Regardless of how many times the player may exit and re-enter the courtyard, this will continue to happen. In the E3 2011 trailer[1], the corpse is shown to be Sanchez; however, in the final version, it is not him.[2]


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