This article is for the sanctuary seen in the comic series. For the one in Silent Hill: Revelation, see Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is a location that appears in Among the Damned. It is a small building which houses the survivors of Silent Hill's monsters, who have unified under the leadership of Leo. It is explained that magical seals on the doors keep Silent Hill's Otherworld at bay, while a stockpile of weaponry is used to fight the monsters that roam outside the sanctuary's doors. The sanctuary is located next to Ashton Smith Arms, making it easy for the town's inhabitants to gather weapons and then quickly flee back to the sanctuary's refuge.

Among the Damned

During the events of Among the Damned, Leo notices two people near the sanctuary who are being attacked by monsters. He calls to them, and the pair rush into the sanctuary. The two survivors, Jason and Dahlia, stay the night, but leave the next day. What becomes of the sanctuary after the pair leave is never touched upon.

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