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My princess is the only thing that matters now. Her little hands, pure as porcelain, her smile like sunshine...
—Dr. Fitch regarding Scarlet

Scarlet Fitch was the daughter of Dr. Martin Fitch of Shepherd's Glen. She and her father are descendants of one of the town's four founding families, the Fitch family. As decreed by the pact made with the Order's god to protect Shepherd's Glen from the curse of Silent Hill, Scarlet was sacrificed and dismembered to appease the god.

The act of murdering his daughter took a heavy toll on Dr. Fitch's mind, as he has sunken into a deep depression and began self-mutilating by the time Alex Shepherd encounters him in the Otherworld. After being presented with one of Scarlet's dolls, Fitch's scars open and he begins bleeding profusely while the doll rises from the bloody pool, mutated into a tall, doll-like monster, whom Fitch begs for forgiveness.


Scarlet is the daughter of Martin Fitch, an acclaimed doctor of Shepherd's Glen. Any information about her mother is unknown. Apparently a sweet girl, she was pampered by her father with love and material items, mainly dolls. Knowing her fate, Martin provided her with the "perfect" childhood in her short life. When it was time, Martin dismembered her with a scalpel. Soon after killing her, Dr. Fitch went into a deep depression and turned to self-mutilation. His nervous mannerisms and fearful tone of voice indicates that he greatly regretted killing his daughter, and Alex observes the doctor even asking the monstrous form of Scarlet for forgiveness.


Joshua's photo of Scarlet.

Scarlet was so infatuated with her dolls that she rarely came out to play with the local children. This is evident in Joshua Shepherd's picture of her, where he writes: "Scarlet never comes out to play, she just plays with her stupid dolls all the time." She also appeared to enjoy dance and music. A small record player on a desk and dance-oriented paintings, most notably a large one of a ballerina on her wall, supports this.

Not much is known of her appearance, other than what little can be seen in the photograph, where she has dark hair with bangs and a light headband. Fitch describes her as a girl with "little hands pure as porcelain" and a "smile like sunshine". It is also said that she bears a strong resemblance to the doll that Alex finds in the locked case in her room.

Scarlet's letter

An unused memo is present in Homecoming's files. It reveals that Scarlet had an imaginary friend named Ruth, titled "Scarlet's Letter to Her Imaginary Friend".


My daddy just bought me this pencil! It's really cool, it has four colors.
Look at what I made for you. You are my best friend.
I like the way you make me laugh when daddy is sad.
It was funny at dinner when he was very quiet and you made those funny faces.

I was laughing for a long time even after I went to bed.
I wish you stayed at our house all the time because I get lonely now even when daddy is with me.
Maybe you can make him laugh soon. Okay?
Next time you come over, we can draw pictures together with my new pencil.




Scarlet's favorite doll.

  • Scarlet is the color of blood, and with blood playing an important role in her story, alludes to the method of her death (mutilation): she arises from her father's pool of blood to meet him once again, and Alex is pulled out of Hell Descent through Scarlet's own blood. Her name might also relate to the color of the dress her doll wears.
  • Alessa Gillespie had a doll that she called "Scarlett".
  • Scarlet's favorite doll bears a striking resemblance to herself, even to the point that the doll loses its hair as the Otherworld transitions through her house, an after the boss battle, its head is seen disconnected as Scarlet's was although it had actually started to grow its hair back. This could be seen as some spiritual connection from Scarlet to her favorite doll.
  • In the hospital (right before Alex finds the other piece of the x-ray), there are three containers, presumably baby incubators. In the middle container is a doll that shows a strong resemblance to Scarlet's boss form, with no hair or clothes (except for small shoes).
  • When Alex encounters Scarlet's father outside of his office, he is bleeding and holding a bloody scalpel, which may be the same one he used to kill his daughter.
  • If the player chooses to examine the dolls on the shelf in Scarlet's room, Alex will state that it feels as if they are "watching" him.
  • When Alex first enters Hell Descent, there is a noticeable shadow impression lying on Scarlet's bed, arms and legs stretched out very similar to her doll's. This implies this is the location where Fitch chose to kill Scarlet and may have used rope to tie her to the bed posts.

Fitch's depressed and suicidal scrawls.

  • In the room in Hell Descent where Dr. Fitch is seen mutilating himself before the boss fight, messages written in blood (possibly Fitch's own blood) can be seen in the wall (presumably written by Fitch), stating things such as: "I'm sorry", "I miss you my only daughter", "Please come back", "I WANT TO DIE!", "Daddy misses you", "Where did I go wrong?", etc.


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