You just gotta reap what you've sown in your sorry, pathetic life, is all.

Seth Creviston is a character from the comic, Past Life, first appearing in Issue 2, where he is the sheriff of Silent Hill. Seth is blind in his right eye, and has a scar over it.

In Issue 2, Jebediah Foster asks Howard Blackwood where he can find the sheriff. Howard responds by saying "He spends most of his mornings down by Toluca", meaning Toluca Prison. In Leek's Tavern, Creviston suddenly enters and defuses a situation.

It is later revealed Jeb once stole a sheep from a farm and cooked it. Sheriff Creviston tried to arrest him, but Jeb used his knife to slash one of Creviston's eyes out.

In the final issue, Creviston stands in Jeb's way, telling him that this is not about Jeb or Esther—it's about the baby. In defiance, Jeb kills Creviston with an axe.


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