Ah, I have finally found a truly honest man!

The Sewer Fairy is an optional character from Silent Hill 3. She may be encountered by Heather Mason in the underpass in an Extra New Game.

Silent Hill 3 Sewer Fairy

Silent Hill 3 Sewer Fairy

Heather meeting the Sewer Fairy.

After beating the game at least once, Heather can receive the Gold and Silver pipes. To do this, Heather must kill the creature in the sewer with the hairdryer, examine the water, and throw the steel pipe into it. After doing so, the Sewer Fairy will appear and ask Heather questions. If the player should answer honestly, she will reward Heather with both the Gold and Silver Pipes. Both have no redeeming value other than being easter eggs, as they are no different from the steel pipe with the exception of color/paint.

If Heather examines the Silver Pipe, she will talk about it being useful against vampires and werewolves and if she examines the Gold Pipe, she will talk about selling it for some quick cash.

If the player answers honestly, the Sewer Fairy will refer to Heather as a "truly honest man", despite the fact that she is female, though in this case "man" most likely means a "person". This is changed in the Silent Hill HD Collection, where the Sewer Fairy will refer to Heather as a "truly honest person", but the subtitles still read "truly honest man".

This is a reference to an old Chinese folktale about a farmer who accidentally dropped his axe into a lake; when the lake's spirit offered him a silver or gold axe, he told the truth that his axe was simply a normal one, and the spirit rewarded him with all three for his honesty.

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