A map of the tunnel.

The Sewers of Shepherd's Glen are an explorable system of maintenance tunnels that run beneath the town in Silent Hill: Homecoming.



Alex opening a valve-controlled gate for Elle.

Part of a waste management system, the actual sewage pipes aren't accessed, but rather the maintenance tunnels that are explored. These tunnels are sectioned off by valve-controlled gates, which require a team of two to operate. There are at least 13 different gate systems, though few are actually operable. The tunnels are constructed around three key features of the sewage system: a bilge tank, a spillway, and a large, main drain chamber. How far the sewer system continues outside of Shepherd's Glen is unknown, as access to the deeper sections of the underground complex is either cut off or simply left unexplored.

Silent Hill: Homecoming


Alex comes to a ledge in the sewers.

Having little choice but to enter the sewers in order to escape a pack of Schisms, Alex Shepherd and Elle Holloway navigate the dark tunnels of the Shepherd's Glen sewers in an attempt to reach safety. As the pair comes to the main drain chamber, Elle is abducted, and Alex is left to defend himself against three Needlers. Shortly after they're killed, a Siam charges in to attack. Once dead, Alex escapes the sewers and surfaces back in town near his home.


  • For whatever reason, in addition to tires, broken boards, and other types of debris, cars can be found mired in the mud and grime of the service tunnels. Mostly in one piece, how they got there or why is unknown.
  • In some parts while in the sewers, there is what appears to be a glitch with the water; ripples in the water somewhat across from Alex seem to mirror his movements and move in the opposite direction that Alex does, and it also causes a streak in the water, suggesting something is moving in the water. This occurs at least three times in different parts of the sewers.

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