What's Your Sign

The achievement (What's your Sign?).


Map that appears inside the building.

Shadow Play is a sidequest that appears in Silent Hill: Downpour. Inside the building on the northern border of Chastain Heights, there will be a large map of the area on a table in the center of the room. There will be two candles next to the map; after lighting them with a lighter, they will reveal some hidden symbols giving a subtle clue to the puzzle.

Quest solution

This quest revolves around finding five hidden fragments around Silent Hill and using them on nearby pedestals. After use, Murphy Pendleton has to switch between his forensic flashlight and regular flashlight in order to match the symbol with the shadow from the fragment, making sure to rotate the fragment when needed. Once matched correctly, the fragment will turn into a token which can be picked up.


Location of all fragments

Below is the location of all fragments and the method of turning them into tokens:

  • Soul-Eye Fragment: The first fragment is in the same building, just laying on the chair. There is a small cabinet in this room with an old telephone on it. Near the phone, there is some sort of base. Use the soul eye on the base. Use the forensic flashlight to shine through the base and onto the wall. Rotate the base so that it is parallel to the wall with the symbol in front of it. Switch to regular flashlight and aim it so that the shape is illuminated. The eye will then disappear and turn into the Soul-Eye Token.
  • Four Fragment: Northwest Chastain Heights near the beginning of the quest is a cardboard box on the side of the road with the fragment in. Go to an alley, to the south, there is another brass base there. Place the fragment on the base and use the forensic flashlight on it as before. First, rotate the symbol right, and shine the forensic flashlight on it to create the left half of the symbol. Then, rotate the symbol left creating the right half of the symbol. Switch between the forensic flashlight and the flashlight, and shine until the symbol is illuminated. Grab the Four Token that is created.
  • Healing Fragment: Find the third fragment in Pearl Creek, in the south east corner of the map where Cook Street and Lansdale Street meet. After getting the healing item, head down the street and turn left through the gate then left again through an alley, and find a barrel with the brass base on it. Again, create both right and left halves of the shadows to complete the symbol. Once done illuminating the whole symbol, take the Healing Token.
  • Enlightenment Fragment: In Pearl Creek find the fragment in the construction site and take it to the subway entrance to begin. Slip through some barrels and locate the brass base near the wall. Stick the fragment onto the base, rotate it once, and shine the flashlight on it from behind and to the left to get the Enlightenment Token.
  • Harmony Fragment: For the last coin; two different fragments need to first be found and combined, both of which can be found in Pleasant River on the King Harmony drawbridge. After finding the bridge use the ladder to enter the control room. Collect a piece of the harmony fragment near the lever. Then climb back down the ladder and exit the control tower, run down and past the base (which is located on top of a trash can), past a roundabout, through a couple of doors and locate a second piece of the fragment on the right inside a box that's laying on the ground. Head back to the base. Place the first piece on it, rotate, then shine the light on it and stick the second piece in. The idea is to make a star or pentagram of sorts. Turn it to the right, shine the flashlight on it then rotate it the other way and shine the flashlight again. Get the Harmony Token.

Demon Statue reward.

Go back to the building where the map is and place the coins on the map, matching each coin to their corresponding symbol. When this is done correctly, a statue of a demon will appear on the table and the quest will be completed.


  • Completing the sidequest unlocks the achievement/trophy, "What's Your Sign?"
  • The map of Silent Hill seen in this sidequest has some inaccuracies, such as Lamon Street intersecting Rice Street, absence of Monroe Cemetery and St. Maria's Monastery located closer to the Mirror Cove.


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