Life's been hard for me. For a while, actually. I'm broken. Whatever normal people have that lets them shrug off the cynicism and the madness, I don't. I've looked for an answer, but it's not out there. Or I'm too tired to keep looking, I don't know. Soon it won't matter. Please remember me as the little girl who snuck into your room after nightmares--not the disgusting mess I am now. Goodbye.
—Shannon, explaining her depression to her sibling in the Blood scenario

Shannon is a character in Silent Hill: Book of Memories; she is the Blood Guardian and sister to the protagonist. Shannon has been distant to the protagonist recently, which causes them to worry. Shannon has been suffering from depression for an extended period of time.


Shannon was the woman that Graham Reynolds is/was having an affair with.

In the Light notes, Shannon doubts her relationship with Graham. She visits "Dr. K" for some mild anti-depressants and also has a good time at a party. She sends the protagonist a letter thanking them for always being there for her and letting them know that she is optimistic about her future.

In the Blood notes, Shannon is comforted by Graham. She becomes drunk at a party on August 24th and is hospitalized after being involved in a car crash. Her status is serious with injuries in her ribs, left arm, and cranium. She eventually sends the protagonist a goodbye letter before attempting suicide.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, she is referred to as "Naomi" in the text and dialogue.
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