Welcome to Shepherd's Glen: Where Family Comes First.

I live in the smallest place in the world, Shepherd's Glen. Haven't heard of it? Big surprise. If you got in your car, drove to the most unused road near your house, then took it for 100 miles, then turned off on a dirt road with no name, drove on THAT for a whole day, you would still never get here.
—Elle Holloway

Shepherd's Glen is a cursed town first featured in, and the main setting of, Silent Hill: Homecoming. Built along the shores of Toluca Lake within Toluca County, it is neighbored by the sleepy burg of Silent Hill, Maine.

A pact made long ago by the town's founders with the god of the Order gives this town a very dark history, making the town built on the ritualistic human sacrifice of children.


Shepherd's Glen, like Silent Hill, is a town built along the shores of Toluca Lake. A dense pine forest can be seen upon approaching the town via River View Road. The lake borders the town on the east, while the Toluca River runs through it to the west. Judging by the location on the map, it seems most likely Shepherd's Glen is either south, or south-west of Silent Hill, though its exact location in relation to its neighbor is unknown. It could also be to the north, given that the Toluca River extends south of the map, and a large river divides Old Silent Hill and Central Silent Hill. Given that it's a small town, only three large roads pass through; Main Street, River View Road, and Craven Avenue. As seen on the town map found in-game, all three roads are shown to run off the map boarders, indicating that either Shepherd's Glen is larger than it appears, or several municipalities may lie nearby.

According to unused text in the game, Shepherd's Glen used to be known for its coal mining back in the late 1800's. The town grew quickly as miners traveled to Shepherd's Glen to work in the prosperous mines. A series of accidents coupled with a decline in the coal industry eventually forced the closure of most local mines. However, most people took up new jobs rather than abandon the beautiful town they had built.[1]


Be it resolved, by the will of the undersigned, a new day of our faith has risen. No longer content with the view of Paradise held so dearly by those of our faith who came before us, nor those still in worship today, we leave our blessed community of Silent Hill and come to this land as pilgrims, sworn to begin our faith anew. Therefore, with the power and blessing of our mighty God, from whom all life and prosperity wells, we do establish this land and consecrate it Shepherd's Glen. May our four families flourish and persevere, through all manner of hardships, with all sacrifice required, under God's consent and protection, for all time.
—Signed by Mason Bartlett, Cornelius Fitch, Edwin Holloway, Isaac Shepherd

The four founders of Shepherd's Glen.

During the final week of September 1853, Shepherd's Glen was founded by four families, each one a group of former residents from Silent Hill, who presumably were deeply involved with the Order.

As noted in a book found within the ground level of the town hall, the official reason for Shepherd's Glen being founded is given as "...[The town's] founders came here as pilgrims, searching for a new home to practice their faith and ensure the prosperity of their four families."

The true reason that these four families, the Shepherd, Holloway, Bartlett, and Fitch families, left Silent Hill, and subsequently the Order, was most likely due to some sort of schism in the faith. A book found in a large chamber beneath the Town Hall makes reference to "...the truth of the old believers being fractured". This could mean many things, but the text continues on saying that " is essential that one person maintain and effectuate the modern sectarian rites we have toiled so faithfully to create and protect.".

The above passage would seem to support a division of faith among the members of the Order.

In assurance of a beatified future, the four families and their descendents shall be bound by and shall execute the ideals set forth herein. In order that we should reap the rewards of this new charter, the following Tenets, which do not deviate from The Way, shall govern all members of the Faith: None shall speak out against The Resurrection. None shall speak of the teachings of the old way.
—Manifesto of The New Way, Book of Ideals


Though not as long as the history of Silent Hill, the history of Shepherd's Glen is no less sordid. Despite this, over its history, Shepherd's Glen has enjoyed overwhelming success and prosperity. It is listed as one of the top ten small towns in New England to live.

The pact and sacrifice

Seemingly in response, or perhaps in allowance of, their fleeing of Silent Hill, the deity of the Order entered into a pact with the Founders of Shepherd's Glen.

  • Every 50 years (preferably in September), a sacrifice will be offered from each family; a child (even babies can be sacrificed).
    • Each family will offer their sacrifice in a very specific way:
      • The Shepherds were to offer their children to the Water, and so they were drowned.
      • The Holloways were to offer their children to the Noose, and so they were suffocated.
      • The Bartletts were to offer their children to the Earth, and so they were buried alive.
      • The Fitches were to offer their children to the Knife, and so they were dismembered.
  • With acceptance of the sacrifices, Shepherd's Glen would be spared the wrath of God for another 50 years.

The sacrificed

  • 1853 - Daniel Shepherd, Ann Holloway, Helen Bartlett, and Theodore Fitch are sacrificed.
  • 1903 - Thomas Shepherd, Earnest Holloway, Charles Bartlett, and Rose Fitch are sacrificed.
  • 1953 - Rebecca Shepherd, Lawrence Holloway, Patricia Bartlett, and Rusty Fitch are sacrificed.

2003 - The deal is broken


Adam holding his dead son.

  • September 20th and 21st - Shepherd's Glen celebrates its 150th anniversary.
  • Week of September 22nd - Alex Shepherd goes missing, Joshua Shepherd dies. According to Adam Shepherd, Alex "left home".
    • On a boat upon Toluca Lake, Joshua shows Alex the Shepherd Family ring, a symbol of the family's past. While trying to wrestle the ring back from Alex, Joshua falls and breaks his neck on the boat's edge. In turn, this causes him to fall into the lake and drown.
    • Joey Bartlett, Scarlet Fitch, and Nora Holloway are sacrificed accordingly.

Adam Shepherd had designated Alex as the Shepherd Family sacrifice and Joshua as his successor. However, Joshua died in an accident and Adam was unable to bring himself to sacrifice Alex.

Four years gone

  • Between 2003 and 2007, Shepherd's Glen is stricken by God's wrath and begins to slowly succumb to the effects of the Otherworld.
    • It is also within this time that Margaret Holloway reforms the Order. She and the adherents of the "True Faith", as she calls it, begin to abduct people from Shepherd's Glen. Those who choose not to follow the ways of the Order are killed. Adam Shepherd, in a note to his wife Lillian, speculates on the reasons for this.

2007 October - Homecoming

Alex Arrives To Shepherd's Glen

Alex arrives in his hometown.

Having been hospitalized outside of Shepherd's Glen, Alex Shepherd, being either discharged or escaping care, receives a ride home from trucker Travis Grady. Suffering from nightmares about the town and his brother, Alex returns to make sure that all is well. Coming upon the town proper, Alex is greeted with a disturbing sight. Shepherd's Glen, during the four years since Alex was last home, had slipped into a state of serious decay. Heavy, unnatural fog permeates the town. Cars lie abandoned or wrecked along the sides of the streets, and there are no signs of other inhabitants, save Judge Holloway and her daughter Elle, Curtis Ackers, Deputy Wheeler, Martin Fitch, Sam Bartlett, and Alex's mother, Lillian Shepherd.

Shepherd's Glen 150th Anniversary Celebration

Shepherd's Glen 150th Anniversary Celebration.

The streets are beyond neglected, many having fallen victim to massive sink holes, while the structures have fared no better. Most buildings cannot be entered, their doors having broken or rusted shut beyond repair. Those buildings that can still be entered are in a state of disrepair all their own. Many internal doors have seized, paint flakes and peels away, floors and ceilings have collapsed and some play host to an array of monsters and foul beasts. Even the flags and the banners for Shepherd's Glen 150th Anniversary Celebration which were set up in 2003 can still be seen hanging over the streets of the town, completely forgotten and decaying, a sign that the town has seen better days.

Shepherd's Glen Police Department

Elle stapling missing people posters outside the police station.

Those few citizens who remain are clueless as to the cause of the town's state. Elle spends her time posting fliers of missing people, while Deputy Wheeler has long since barricaded himself within Shepherd's Glen's Police Station. Curtis idles his time away in the junkyard tinkering with various clocks, though he cannot get them working. Judge Holloway proceeds about her duties, while Alex's mother is in a near-state of catatonia. Mayor Bartlett spends his time in the town cemetery, endlessly digging up graves. Dr. Fitch, meanwhile, is nowhere to be seen.

Through the course of his time back, Alex learns the cause behind the state of Shepherd's Glen, its connection to the Order and to Silent Hill. In a final assault on Silent Hill, Alex storms the lair of the Order and seemingly brings it down once more.

Even though he was victorious, the fate of the once vibrant town of Shepherd's Glen remains unknown. The townspeople are still apparently dead, and it is unknown if the town is still cursed.


Shepherd's glen

Map of Shepherd's Glen.

  • Toluca Lake - A large body of water lying to the east of town.
  • Toluca River - A river running through the western edge of town.
  • Rose Heights Cemetery - A large cemetery near the center of town, it's filled with hundreds of graves spanning the town's history.
Shepherd's Glen Town Hall's Clock Tower

The Shepherd's Glen Town Hall and its Clock Tower. The courtyard with the stone monument of the four founding families can be seen in front of it.

  • Shepherd's Glen Town Hall - The town hall is located on the eastern edge of town. It's one of the few areas to relatively escape the effects of the disaster that struck the small burg in Alex Shepherd's four year absence. It houses the offices of both Mayor Bartlett and Judge Holloway. While seemingly small during Alex's first visit, A large ritual chamber and a sprawling tunnel complex lay beneath it.
  • Shepherd's Glen Police Station - Standing across from Rose Heights Cemetery, it was here that Alex found himself shortly after his first foray into Silent Hill. Located in front of the police department stands a billboard, where Elle Holloway spends her days posting up fliers of missing persons.
  • Salvage Yard - Located to the south of town, the salvage yard is owned and operated by mechanic Curtis Ackers. Shortly after arriving home, Alex comes here in search of answers to the town's condition. It's here that the MK. 23 can be procured and the enemy Smog is encountered for the first time.
  • Dr. Fitch's Office - A clinic and office complex run by Martin Fitch. It seems to be the only operating health facility in Shepherd's Glen. Through the course of his journey, Alex makes his way here, learning about the fate of Scarlet and Dr. Fitch's part in the current state of events.

The Shepherd House.

  • Shepherd House - Built on a lot in the northeast corner of town, this is the place the Shepherd family calls "home". Here, Alex learns from his mother that Adam has gone missing. Given the importance of the Shepherds, this may be a type of ancestral home.
  • Sewers of Shepherd's Glen - A system of maintenance tunnels beneath town, these subterranean structures are full of refuse.
  • Bartlett Winery - Situated on the western end of town, this small vineyard and winery has been owned by the Bartlett family for years. Access is impossible, as the bridge leading to the structure is out.

The empty playground.

  • The Shepherd's Inn - Resting just outside of town, this inn was once a welcoming place for strangers. In more pleasant times, it came highly recommended, affording those who visited in the past fond memories of their time spent there.
  • Park - A shortcut through a hole in a fence leads Alex to an abandoned playground. When first entered, the sound of children playing and singing "Ring Around the Rosie" can be heard.



Possible location of Shepherd's Glen.


Shepherd's Glen picture in Downpour.

  • Assuming the map is properly coordinated with north/south/east/west, then Toluca Lake is apparently north-east of Shepherd's Glen, meaning Shepherd's Glen may be south-west of South Vale, or west of Silent Hill.
  • If Shepherd's Glen is actually south of Silent Hill, it may conflict with part of the map, especially Hillside in Silent Hill: Downpour.
  • Like many of the streets in Silent Hill, the streets of Shepherd's Glen are named after those who have had a large impact on the horror/thriller genre of films and literature.
  • In Silent Hill: Downpour, a picture entitled "Welcome to Shepherd's Glen" can be found in the Centennial Building, depicting an image of its welcome sign.


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