The Shepherd's Glen Police Station is a location in Silent Hill: Homecoming. The police force of Shepherd's Glen is stationed here, with Adam Shepherd as police chief and Wheeler serving as deputy. It plays a small, albeit important role in the game, as it serves to introduce Alex Shepherd to the deputy and reunites him and Elle Holloway.



A map of the police station.

Like all structures in the cursed town, the police station is in a state of great disrepair. Several patches of ceiling having collapsed, multiple doorways are jammed, and several more boarded up. The latter is most likely Wheeler's attempt at barricading the station from monsters, and this is confirmed in his diary. There is a stairwell indicated on the map of the station that Alex finds, but access to it is cut off. Eight holding cells can be found on the first floor, as well as a storage closet, the chief's office, and a briefing room. There are also toilets, one of which contains a health drink, but it can be dangerous to retrieve as the monsters in the station can trap Alex. There is a safe inside the garage that has some ammo in it, but this is optional to open.

Silent Hill: Homecoming


Alex encounters a Schism.

Alex Shepherd finds himself here after his battle with Sepulcher, and he and Deputy Wheeler attempt to make their escape. Elle Holloway informs the pair that she is being hunted by monsters, so instead, they make it their goal to rescue her rather than fleeing the area. Wheeler is carried off by a Siam, leaving Alex to navigate the station alone. After escaping the station, Elle and Alex descend into the Sewers of Shepherd's Glen.


  • Despite Adam Shepherd being identified as the Sheriff of Shepherd's Glen and  Wheeler his Deputy, the building seen in game is stated as a Police Department and not a Sheriff's Department or Sheriff's Office. This is most likely a developer oversight.
  • The map of the police station is the first in-game document to place the Toluca Lake area in Toluca County.
  • In the chief's office, the player can find a "missing" poster of the illustrious Harry Houdini. His face, however, is scratched over.
  • In the lair, there is evidence that the Order has been kidnapping, torturing, and killing Shepherd's Glen police officers, which explains the lack of police force in Shepherd's Glen.
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