Cage of Cradle
Hiroyuki Owaku
Mashiro Ito
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Cage of Cradle is a comic published by Konami in 2006. It was illustrated by Masahiro Ito and written by Hiroyuki Owaku, former members of Team Silent (Ito worked as art director and monster designer in Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, while Owaku scripted the first three installments). The comic was released digitally on cell phones in Japan. It is now discontinued.[1]


The canonicity of the plot is debatable, as it is written by Owaku and not Keiichiro Toyama.

The comic is a prequel to the events of the first game. The main character of the story is Matthew, Lisa Garland's boyfriend who has only recently come to town. The comic also explores Lisa and Alessa Gillespie's relationship as nurse and patient.[2][3]

At some point, Matthew crosses over into the Otherworld and comes face-to-face with Valtiel as it's being born.[4] He dies sometime after, as does Lisa.[5] The comic ends around the same time the Silent Hill opening cutscene takes place.[6]


  • Ito's original pages for the comic were drawn in A4 size, but the images were resized to fit mobile screens at the time.[7] The pages were then accompanied by sound effects and phone vibrations.[8]
  • As the comic had a limited release, not many details of the story are known. However, fans have recollected certain parts of the story (which may or may not be accurate). According to them, Matthew is trying to save Lisa from The Order, but as a result of Cheryl Mason's influence on Alessa as she comes to town, Matthew is transported into the Otherworld and dies before he accomplishes his goal. In a fit of rage, Lisa starts to strangle Alessa before Valtiel intervenes. She dies as well and is forced to wander the Otherworld.[9]


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