Double Under Dusk
Double under dusk
Masahiro Ito
Release date

Double Under Dusk is a comic only available to Japanese cell phone users. It was created with the original artwork of Masahiro Ito, the lead art designer and creature creator from the first three games. This is one of the first of mobile phone "play novels", and the last piece before Ito left Team Silent.


Since losing his most beloved son, Ronny, Brian Dawson spends day after day in emotional and spiritual apathy. One day, he meets Lindsay Crystal, a woman who looks exactly like the woman from his nightmares. Together, they take a visit to the town of Silent Hill.


Brian Dawson — The protagonist; a man in his early 40s, resident of Augusta, Maine. He has a warm atmosphere about him, possesses a strong sense of duty, and is a philanthropist who won't pass by someone in need. After losing his son Ronny, he spends day after day in emotional and spiritual apathy. This also causes him to lose his job and become divorced from his wife. Tempted by Lindsay Crystal, he takes a visit to Silent Hill. Unknown to Brian, his late father is from Silent Hill.

Lindsay Crystal — She is a roughly 20-year-old woman resident of Orono, Maine. She is earnest and mature, yet extremely stubborn and decisive. A bright side can be seen within her quietness, but a gloomy sadness can also be seen within her eyes. A college student majoring in folklore, she visits Augusta to research Silent Hill, "a town where the dead return", and she runs into Brian at the library there. She closely resembles the woman that Brian saw in his nightmares.

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