These are the Secrets and Unlockables in Silent Hill: Homecoming.



Alex makes a keen observation.


"Anal Sex for Dummies".

  • Some of the books in the Shepherd House seem to have odd titles, although they are extremely blurry and difficult to read. They appear to include "A Book Title", "An Interesting Book Title", "The Collective", "Harry Got His Gun" (a reference to "Johnny Got His Gun"), "Life is a Bore", "Rocket Science for Dummies", and "Anal Sex for Dummies".

Achievement references

Several of the Achievements unlocked through the course of play reference previous Silent Hill games.

  • Eddie's Legacy: This achievement is obtained upon killing a Feral for the first time This is a reference to Eddie Dombrowski's murder of a dog while angry.
  • Shades of James: This achievement is obtained upon killing a Siam for the first time. This is a reference to James Sunderland's behavior towards his wife.
  • Kaufmann's Handiwork: This achievement is gained upon obtaining a Serum for the first time. This is a reference to Dr. Kaufmann of Silent Hill.
  • The Old Gods haven't left this place...: This achievement is obtained upon beating the game on Hard mode for the first time. This is a reference to one of the endings in Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland mentions that the old gods of Silent Hill are still around, and are willing to grant power to those who venerate them.
  • In Water: This achievement is obtained in one of the endings available in Homecoming. This is a reference to one of the endings in Silent Hill 2, also of the same name.
  • Angela's Choice: This achievement is obtained if the player chooses not to forgive Adam Shepherd when the opportunity presents itself. This is a reference to Angela Orosco's murder, hence lack of forgiveness, of her father.
  • No Dogs Allowed: This achievement is obtained by getting the UFO ending for the first time. This is a reference to the Dog Ending in Silent Hill 2.



An example of cell graffiti.

Graffiti appears written in every cell in the Overlook Penitentiary. A number of them appear to be random sayings, but some appear to reference previous Silent Hill games and others break the 4th wall by referencing other media.

  • Noah's viking tool
  • It's snowing outside. Jacobs, are you making it snow?
  • Please don't kill me
  • Steve loves puzzles
  • Moso forever
  • Hell here
  • Jeremy is the real sausage king of Chicago (a reference to a plot point in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off )
  • Somewhere down there is your soul
  • My cell has something from everyone else's cell
  • I am Edma
  • I'm as quiet as can be, just my cell and me
  • Capt Coatrack shall return
  • Look behind you
  • Jaehocn needs to stop talking seriously
  • Willette you live a little longer
  • My name is Pat so take that
  • Trust yourself
  • I am the real khoi
  • Who are you?
  • Jafo is watching you
  • Too late
  • The zarzoo minds man
  • Ryan has been lyin', now he's dyin'
  • I like pizza
  • Drink the evil
  • Kill yourself
  • Something's happening
  • Boyle?
  • Beware of Hurricane Jane
  • Give it back
  • I am the walrus (a reference to a Beatles song)
  • Farm team will always rule
  • Confess now
  • Rob will kill you, Slater
  • It's raining, Mike, it's raining
  • Chris loves small cars
  • Lindz is in ur jails, writing on ur walls
  • The horror...
  • Hide the creature inside you
  • Where's Kristian?
  • Murty in the DM
  • Abandon hope
  • I'm sure the electric chair is coming for me
  • It's all Greek to me panos
  • I rob banks for the loot, now I wait in despair for the boot
  • Eric fights a doppelganger
  • Smithy loves games so shut up
  • Sell your soul
  • You can not kill me
  • I used to move buildings around, now I cry on the ground
  • The Nate Dawg cometh
  • Tmass is broken
  • U R dead
  • Kevin & Crystal sittin in a tree
  • Show me your heart (a reference to Walter Sullivan)
  • Berhns returns
  • You're not here (a reference to the song by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill 3)
  • You see monsters? (likely a reference to Vincent Smith's infamous response in Silent Hill 3)
  • Don't fear the greenman
  • Help me, please
  • Gonna haak you up
  • I fish in my toilet with no luck; I bet one day I get my head stuck (a hint at the health drink in the toilet)
  • Murray ate my craeme crackers
  • Billy Willy in his cell, Billy Willy rotting in hell
  • Troy is a good person, but a terrible movie (possibly a reference to the 2004 movie adaptation of Troy)
  • Surreality, what a concept



  • Smile: Kill Lillian, forgive Adam, save Wheeler
  • In Water: Kill Lillian, don't forgive Adam, don't save Wheeler
  • Judgement: Don't kill Lillian, don't forgive Adam, don't save Wheeler
  • Intensive Care: Don't kill Lillian, forgive Adam, save Wheeler
  • No Dogs Allowed: Don't kill Lillian, don't forgive Adam, save Wheeler

Bonus Scene

Silent Hill Homecoming Joshua's Memento (Photos & Drawings)

Silent Hill Homecoming Joshua's Memento (Photos & Drawings)


This extra scene can be obtained after the Good ending in one of two ways: The player can either beat the game on HARD, or collect every photograph in a single playthrough. If these tasks are met, then after the credits roll, Alex will, from a first-person perspective, climb the stairs leading to his room in the Shepherd House. Joshua will be sitting on the bed, holding a camera. He laughs and takes a picture of his brother.


With each new ending obtained, one of five costumes will be unlocked, depending on the ending achieved. There are, however, six costumes in all. A special costume can be obtained by inputting the Konami Code, a cheat code that appears in games developed and/or published by Konami.

  • Big Rig Alex: Clothing similar to that worn by Travis Grady. This costume can be unlocked once one beats the game with the "Good" ending.
  • Order Soldier Alex: The same mining uniform that Alex dons at the end of Church of the Holy Way. This costume can be unlocked after the game is beaten with the "Drowning" ending.
  • Bogeyman Alex: This costume can be unlocked after the "Bogeyman" ending takes place.
  • ER Alex: This costume is unlockable after the "Hospital" ending transpires.
  • Deputy Alex: This costume can be unlocked once the "UFO" ending is obtained.
  • Young Alex: This is the costume unlocked via the Konami Code.


Once the game is completed, and depending on the ending, a pair of new weapons become available.

Circular Saw

Main article: Circular Saw

To receive this weapon, simply beat the game once and save the file. It is found in the Shepherd's garage on the next playthrough.

Laser Pistol

Main article: Laser Pistol

To receive this weapon, beat the game and obtain the UFO Ending and save the file. It is found in Alex's room on the next playthrough.


Exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game, Achievements are rewards earned for meeting a specific goal. Below is a list of obtainable achievements and what must be done to earn each.

Picture Name Description Points
Homecoming achievement 01
Lock 'n' Load Found Rifle 25 points
Homecoming achievement 02
Sightseeing Found 1 Photo 10 points
Homecoming achievement 03
Josh's Gallery Found ALL Photos 50 points
Homecoming achievement 04
Alchemilla's Finest Defeated 1 Nurse 10 points
Homecoming achievement 05
Eddie's Legacy Defeated 1 Feral 10 points
Homecoming achievement 06
Lurk No More Defeated 1 Lurker 10 points
Homecoming achievement 07
To The Point Defeated 1 Needler 10 points
Homecoming achievement 08
Split Personality Defeated 1 Schism 10 points
Homecoming achievement 09
Shades of James Defeated 1 Siam 20 points
Homecoming achievement 10
Clear the Air Defeated 1 Smog 10 points
Homecoming achievement 11
Creeper Reaper Defeated 1 Swarm 10 points
Homecoming achievement 12
Out of Order Defeated 1 Order member 10 points
Homecoming achievement 13
Kaufmann's Handiwork Found 1 Serum 10 points
Homecoming achievement 14
Health Junkie Found ALL Serums 50 points
Homecoming achievement 15
The Old Gods Haven't Left This Place Complete game on HARD difficulty 100 points
Homecoming achievement 16
Nursery Rhymes Found all of the Children's Drawings 50 points
Homecoming achievement 17
Six Feet Under Defeated Sepulcher 50 points
Homecoming achievement 18
Blood Donor Defeated Scarlet 50 points
Homecoming achievement 19
Catch Your Breath Defeated Asphyxia 50 points
Homecoming achievement 20
Head Above Water Defeated Amnion 50 points
Homecoming achievement 21
Rising Tension Found Circular Saw 25 points
Homecoming achievement 22
Science Fiction Found Laser Pistol 25 points
Homecoming achievement 23
Smile Achieved Good Ending 50 points
Homecoming achievement 24
In Water Achieved Drowning Ending 50 points
Homecoming achievement 25
Judgement Achieved Bogeyman Ending 50 points
Homecoming achievement 26
Intensive Care Achieved Hospital Ending 50 points
Homecoming achievement 27
No Dogs Allowed Achieved U.F.O. Ending 50 points
Homecoming achievement 28
Mercy Alex ended his mother's suffering 20 points
Homecoming achievement 29
Compassion Alex could not end his mother's suffering 20 points
Homecoming achievement 30
Forgiveness Alex forgives his father 20 points
Homecoming achievement 31
Angela's Choice Alex does not forgive his father 20 points
Homecoming achievement 32
Now About Those Drinks Saved Wheeler 25 points
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