These are the Secrets and Unlockables in Silent Hill: Origins.


  • In the beginning of the game, a billboard advertising Hemingway cigarettes can be seen. These cigarettes reappear as a memento in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.
  • On top of the Post Office, there is a cocoon sack, foreshadowing the battle that will occur with the Floatstinger 7 years later.
  • Riverside Motel's "Game Room" has a pinball machine with the hard rock band "Kiss" on it.



Accolades are rewards given to the player when finishing the game while filling certain criteria.


Moon Gauntlets
Requirement: Get the Good ending.
Reward: Moon Gauntlets
Reward: Savior Outfit


Great Cleaver
Requirement: Get the Bad ending by killing at least 200 enemies on subsequent playthroughs.
Reward: Great Cleaver
Reward: Butcher Outfit


Tesla Rifle
Requirement: Get the UFO Ending (see UFO Ending)
Reward: Tesla Rifle
Reward: Ambassador Outfit


Requirement: Use the flashlight for less than 3 hours.
Reward: Night Vision Goggles
Reward: Stalker Outfit


Requirement: Collect more than 300 items.
Reward: Collector Outfit


Requirement: Complete the game in less than 2 hours.
Reward: Sprinter Outfit


Requirement: Kill at least 75% of enemies with firearms.
Reward: Sharpshooter Outfit


Requirement: Kill at least 75% of enemies with melee weapons.
Reward: Weaponsmith Outfit


Requirement: Kill at least 50% of enemies with fists.
Reward: Brawler Outfit


Requirement: Look at map less than 25 times.
Reward: Cartographer Outfit


Requirement: Traveled distance must be greater than 22.5 km.
Reward: Explorer Outfit


Requirement: Complete the game without saving.
Reward: Daredevil Outfit


Requirement: Rescue Alessa from fire in less than 80 seconds.
Reward: Fire Axe
Reward: Fireman Outfit


Requirement: Do the Konami Code (↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, X, O) anytime during a subsequent playthrough.
Note: Unlike the other accolades this one will be awarded to you instantly.
Reward: Codebreaker Outfit


Ambassador Outfit

A tight-fitting space suit.

Tight-fitting, bright colored orange and blue clothes. Travis calls it a space suit.

Brawler Outfit

A Mexican wrestling outfit.

Blue and purple Mexican wrestling outfit.

Butcher Outfit

A bloodied set of clothes belonging to an infamous serial killer.

Bloody, worn-out clothes. Belonged to a serial killer.

Cartographer Outfit

Those clothes were worn by a man who charted new lands.

Long sleeved shirt and lederhosen.

Codebreaker Outfit

Something I wore to a Halloween party.

The costume looks very similar to Vincent Smith himself.

Collector Outfit

The uniform of an obsessive, fanatical enthusiast.

White shirt, gray pants, and green hoodie.

Daredevil Outfit

Wearing this makes me feel like top dog.

Dog suit resembling Mira.

Explorer Outfit

Clothes fit for exploring the most dangerous of terrain.

Stereotypical explorer clothing.

Fireman Outfit

Standard issue for the local fire department.

Standard Fireman uniform.

Savior Outfit

Sometimes I like to take my bike and ride into the night. That's when I wear these leathers.

Leather pants, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket with a wolf decor. Travis often wears them while biking.

Sharpshooter Outfit

Clothes belonging to a gun enthusiast.
Camouflage colored army clothes.

Sprinter Outfit

Comfortable clothing for cross-training.

Red training outfit.

Stalker Outfit

There have been rumors of a black ops teams converging on the denizens of Silent Hill.

Black ops team uniform which bear a striking resemblance to the uniforms worn by the Mobile Infantry in the Starship Troopers series.

Weaponsmith Outfit

The uniform of a man who makes his own weapons.

Jeans, armless denim jacket, blue bandanna, and white t-shirt.

Extra Options

Extra Options is an extra menu will be unlocked after completing the game once. It has the following settings:

Walk/Run: Switch between Travis walking/running as the default way of transportation.
Extra Blood: Adds extra blood to attacks and enemy corpses.
Noise Filter: Makes the player able to turn off the Noise Effect.
Bloody Footprints: Travis leaves bloody footprints wherever he goes.
Torch Projection: Used to select a custom projection to replace a plain beam of the flashlight.
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