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Phone numbers

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References to other Silent Hill games

Silent Hill


Diner 52 logo.


Poston Market.

  • Poston Market, a reference to Boston Market, can be seen in Shattered Memories and Silent Hill.
  • There is a piano puzzle featuring birds in Silent Hill, and a similar puzzle with a child's toy piano with birds on it in Shattered Memories.
  • Mounted butterflies, like the ones in Alessa Gillespie's room, are on the wall in the Hunting Lodge. Harry also talks to Lisa Garland about Cheryl Mason collecting butterflies. One of the mementos is also a blue butterfly.
  • The Incubus may be seen on the projector in Midwich's classroom 4D.
  • If the player is leaning toward the Sleaze and Sirens ending, Cybil Bennett will have her original look, but made more flirty/sexy.

Silent Hill 2

  • In the Balkan club, Harry staring at his reflection in the restrooms may have been inspired by the beginning of Silent Hill 2, when James Sunderland stares at his reflection in the mirror.
  • The area where Harry must walk down a long slope is reminiscent of James Sunderland's descent into the prison. Jumping through holes into the darkness is also a recurring theme.
Hotel SM

Hotel near the lake.

  • A hotel near the lake with a fountain in front of it can be seen from the car during Dahlia's ride and may be a reference to the Lakeview Hotel.
  • When calling the Lakeview Hotel, the message states "Visit soon and make the Lakeview Hotel, your special place."
  • The final stage where Harry swims to the light is reminiscent of when James Sunderland had to cross the lake towards the light from the opposite shore to get to the Lakeview hotel.

Silent Hill 3

  • A drawing resembling Heather Mason with a gun can be seen on one of the lockers in Midwich.
  • In the Cat House/Honeytrap Club/Oriental Lotus, if the player examines a mirror, Harry will state "Heh. Scared myself." This may be an allusion to Heather Mason's fear/dislike of mirrors in Silent Hill 3 or a reference to Travis Grady traveling between mirrors in Silent Hill: Origins.
  • Teenage/Adult Cheryl resembles her Silent Hill 3 counterpart.
  • Cheryl "Heather" Mason's alias became Cheryl Mason's middle name.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Galvin Law

Kramer & Galvin Family Law

  • When Harry is in the car with Cybil a sign of law firm "Kramer & Galvin Family Law" can be seen, which may be reference to Eileen Galvin.

Bait shop

  • There is a sign for a bait shop called Henry's Bait on the Lake, which may be a reference to Henry Townshend.

Silent Hill: Origins

  • After the player receives their first message from Dahlia Mason on heading towards the locked exit to the Midwich Gymnasium, she is added to your contact list. If the player calls her, it is possible to hear Shot Down In Flames from Silent Hill: Origins, Climax’s first Silent Hill game.

Reference to other media


Rush'n Attack and Contra

  • There are Contra, Gradius and Rush'n Attack arcade games at the cinema, which are other Konami games.
  • There is a memento of Frankenstein's Monster as well as a "Frankenstein 90" poster in Clear Picture. Dr. Kaufmann also compares Harry to Frankenstein's Monster.
  • Ernest Hemingway references include Hemingway brand cigarettes in Cybil Bennett's glove compartment and the A Moveable Feast Memento, which also refers to the cafe of the same name in Silent Hill 1.
  • There is a poster outside Midwich for a musical called Connie, referencing the musical Annie.
  • The names Harry gives to Dahlia's breasts are the names of notorious Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, hence Sid and Nancy.

Harry's portraits

  • Gamers who know art may have recognized that the portraits of Harry found in Midwich's art studio were done in Van Gogh's, Pablo Picasso's and Salvador Dalí's styles. Additionally, these portraits are of the original Harry Mason from the first Silent Hill game.

James Bond reference

  • There is cat food in the game called Pussy Galore, a reference to the character Pussy Galore from the James Bond series.
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - There is a fast food place called Wonderland Burger, which has a giant mushroom, pictures of the Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter, and a maze on the wall telling Harry to "follow the white rabbit." Additionally, there is a store in the mall called "Tweedledum's" which sells children's clothing. There were also references in Silent Hill 1, which featured the Alice in Wonderland puzzle with the colored plates.
  • The movie Mother Dearest at Cine-Real likely refers to Mommie Dearest, the book and movie about Joan Crawford written by her daughter, Christina.

Descartes quote

  • There is a Descartes quote on a t-shirt in Theresa's: "I think therefore I am."
  • There is a poster with an Einstein quote in Midwich.
  • Mr. Gordon - The teachers in Silent Hill 1 were named after members of Sonic Youth. The teacher in Shattered Memories takes his name from Kim Gordon, as well.
  • Tookie the Toucan, the Toluca Mall mascot, looks very much like the Fruit Loops cereal mascot, Toucan Sam.
  • Twin Peaks - The scenes with Michelle Valdez singing are reminiscent of similar scenes in Twin Peaks, and Diner 52 has cherry pie specials, which could be a reference to Agent Cooper and the Double R Diner.


UFO locations


After completing the game once, the sign on the side of the Good Ol' Days Bar has been replaced by one for "United Fruitcake Outlet" ("UFO"). There is a phone number to call (555-3825). Harry Mason will hear breathing if he calls the number, then he will receive a text message saying the other party can't talk with him yet, and telling him to photograph the UFOs around town. He must photograph them all to get the ending.

Calling the Konami Customer Support Line in-game reveals the UFO quest: "Thank you for calling Konami Customer Support. Hello? Oh, is this the call about the UFO hunt? Sorry, you must have gotten disconnected! Okay, so 13 UFOs have been scattered throughout the game. If you find one, photograph it with your cell phone. If you take a picture of all 13, you'll unlock the bonus ending. Good luck out there!"

"We can't talk yet. But you want in? They've hidden 13 of their craft all around town. If you get me the photographic evidence I need, we can meet face to face."

  • UFO 1

There is a UFO above a dumpster behind either Theresa's or Clear Picture. Message: "1 down. Keep looking."

  • UFO 2

In the boathouse Harry goes through on the lake, there is a hole in the roof of one of the rooms. A UFO can be seen through it. Message: "That’s 2. The bastards are EVERYWHERE!"

  • UFO 3

After the hunting lodge, look for two barrels next to a building. A UFO is on one of them. Message: "You got 3. Why doesn’t anyone else see it?"

  • UFO 4

This is between the goal posts on the football field. Message: "4 of them. What are they doing here?"

  • UFO 5

To the left of the roof on the Cat House. Message: "5 snapped. This is OUR planet!"

  • UFO 6

This is above the statue of John Wyndham's head in the school courtyard. Message: "You got 6. Trust NO ONE."

  • UFO 7

In a tree to the right, before entering the gym. Message: "That’s 7. That’s half of them!"

  • UFO 8

Near the mall entrance, over the railing near the parking garage. Message: "8 down. You’re doing well. My wife doesn’t believe me."

  • UFO 9

Inside The Family Pet store, near the fish tanks. Message: "You got 9. Almost there. I think she’s one of them."

  • UFO 10

On a shelf in the pawn shop. Message: "You made it to 10. How long have they been here? I’ve locked her in the cellar."

  • UFO 11

In the tunnel in the sewers, behind the bars, near the ladder. Message: "That’s 11. She wants food, but we KNOW they don’t eat like us! The LIES!"

  • UFO 12

At the dock area, on the left dock. Message: "12 done! My alien wife is playing dead. I KNOW HER GAME."

  • UFO 13

Before entering the lighthouse, go toward the lake to the right. There is a UFO in the water. Message: "That’s the last one! You’ve proven yourself. Meet me at the Lighthouse Clinic."

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