The Silent Hill Historical Society, also known as the Museum of Historical Materials, is a historical museum on the edge of South Vale. This museum is accessed in Silent Hill 2 after James Sunderland leaves Brookhaven Hospital. It is managed by Frank Anderson, as seen in Silent Hill: The Arcade.


Historical Society1

The entrance.

The building is designed as a small museum, showcasing photographs and artifacts of Silent Hill's past. Many photos hang on the walls of the museum, some of which show landmarks of the once-famous town. Some pieces also refer to the dark practices that have taken place within Silent Hill.

Much of the building is in shambles during James's visit; display cases are shattered, doors pulled from their hinges and a wall broken down. Some of the museum's pictures have also been touched by the effects of the Otherworld, as they depict horrific scenes and disturbing figures.

Historical Society2

Misty day, remains of the Judgment.

One of them, "Misty day, remains of the Judgment", features Pyramid Head. It is unknown if this painting is actually real, or just a result of James's subconsciousness interacting with the Otherworld and manifesting the painting. In Silent Hill: The Arcade, the painting has changed into another painting with Pyramid Head in a different location, suggesting that the Otherworld had corrupted the painting in different ways.

Toluca Prison


Toluca Prison.

Main article: Toluca Prison

In one of the museum's walls is a gaping hole, revealing a long tunnel to travel through. As James travels down to the bottom levels of the museum, he will begin to hear a boat horn in the background, possibly alluding to the sinking of the Little Baroness. After reaching the end of the tunnel and jumping into various mysterious holes, James will find himself in the abandoned prison, which the Historical Society was seemingly built on top of, or converted into.

In his journey beneath the Historical Society, James encounters numerous deep holes which he must jump into, descending into the unknown. Following the perplexing Labyrinth and the fight with Eddie Dombrowski, James inexplicably appears at surface level, on the bank of Toluca Lake, despite all the holes and passageways he has passed.

The Book of Lost Memories states that when Toluca Prison closed down, the Historical Society was built on its former site.[1]


  • Silent Hill 2 - Lake Tahoe South Shore

    Lake Tahoe, South Shore

    A placeholder texture of Lake Tahoe's South Shore can be found on the wall inside of the building.
  • In the back room with the show case containing the Obsidian Goblet, a painting of the first hole James jumps down in Toluca Prison can be seen.
  • The Book of Lost Memories vaguely says Pyramid Head's "figure" overlapped with James's feelings of guilt when James and his wife visited the town (not necessarily specifically the museum) three years ago.[2] Some fans believe this means that James saw Pyramid Head in the Misty Day painting when he and his wife visited in the Real World, although there is no proof the Misty Day painting was on display three years ago, or that James and Mary visited the museum. It is also unknown why James would feel guilt during his vacation as Mary only became sick around that time.
  • In the Silent Hill 2 novel, the museum doesn't have a long tunnel between the museum room with the pictures and the hole to Toluca Prison.[citation needed]


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