Silent Hill Official Guidebook (Complete Edition)
Silent Hill Official Guidebook Complete Version front cover
Mohe Shiraishi
Hiroki Hamana (Map & Data)
Design Studio THAT, OURS Co.Ltd (Design)
Konami Holdings Corporation
Release date
March 30th, 1999

The Silent Hill Official Guidebook (Complete Edition) (サイレントヒル 公式ガイドブック 完全版 sairentohiru kōshiki gaidobukku kanzenhan) is a guide for the original Silent Hill, published by Konami Holdings Corporation on March 30th, 1999 for 1,100 yen. It is 128 pages long and features an interview regarding the plot.

The book is a part of the Konami Perfect Capture Series (コナミ完璧攻略シリーズ konami kanpeki kōryaku shirīzu).


Story (pg.2)


Game Objective (pg.3)


Before the Nightmare (Basic Knowledge Section) (pg.5-16)

(悪夢のまえに 基礎知識編)

Character Introduction (pg.6-10)


Starting the Game (pg.11)


About Basic Controls (pg.12)


About Special Functions (pg.13)


How To Navigate Screens (pg.15)


Options Menu Guide (pg.16)


Things Seen in the Fog (Data Section) (pg.17-38)

(霧の中に見た物 データ編)

About Harry's Health (pg.18-19)


Monster Data (pg.20-29)


Weapon Data (pg.30-33)


Other Items (pg.34-38)


How to Survive (Technique Section) (pg.39-44)

(生還するために テクニック編)

Running Away (pg.40-41)


Fighting (pg.42-43)


Other Techniques (pg.44)


The Nightmare Comes to Life (Map/Guide Section) (pg.45-106)

(具現化した悪夢 マップ攻略編)

The Quiet Town [Residential District (First Half)] (pg.47-52)

(静寂の町 [住宅街 (前半)])

The School Floating in the Darkness [School (Surface, Other)] (pg.53-62)

(闇に浮かぶ校舎 [学校 (表) (裏)])

Dahlia Gillespie [Residential District (Second Half), Business District (First Half)] (pg.63-68)

(ダリア・ギレスピー [住宅街 (後半)・繁華街 (前半)])

The Grotesque Hospital [Hospital (Surface, Other)] (pg.69-76)

(異形の病院 [病院 (表) (裏)])

Pandemonium in Town [Business District (Second Half)] (pg.77-82)

(百鬼夜行の町 [繁華街 (後半)])

Deep Underground [Drain (1)] (pg.83-86)

(地下の奥底で [下水道 (1)])

On The Edge of the Nightmare [Resort District] (pg.87-92)

(悪夢との境界線 [リゾート街])

The Madness Begins [Drain (2), Amusement Park] (pg.93-96)

(狂乱のはじまり [下水道 (2), 遊園地])

The Birth, And Then... [Unknown (Last Dungeon)] (pg.97-106)

(誕生、そして…… [不明 (最終世界)])

Warning (About Hidden Features After Clearing The Game) (pg.107-120)

(警告 クリア後の隠し要素について)

The Two Conditions for the Endings (pg.108)


The 5th Ending?! (pg.109)


Hidden Weapons (pg.110-111)


Hidden Options (pg.112)


About The Result Screen (pg.113-114)


Shortest Clear Route (pg.115-119)


About Hard Mode (pg.120)


The Truth Behind The Town (Story Secrets Q&A) (pg.121-127)

(この町の真実 ストーリーの秘密Q&A)