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References and homages


Poster in Cafe 5to2.

  • In Cafe 5to2, two posters on either side of the pinball machine say "Study Dammit!". This is a reference to Stephen King. The poster was made when he was in college and was put into the college newspaper to "inspire" the students to study.
  • There is a Portishead poster in the cafe.
  • Inside the cafe is a Medieval Madness Pinball machine. This is a reference to Children of the Corn, when Malakai is playing pinball.[3]

Convenience Store 8.


Playboy magazines on Orridge Bridge Control Room desk.


The Jack Daniel's label and the REDRUM writing.

  • Between the Jim Beam sign and the "redrum" writing, there is also a Jack Daniel's graphic drawn on a metal garage door.
  • Across from the hospital, there is a Konami Burger. In the Otherworld, "Konami Burger" is changed to "Konami Berger".

Mec Burger.

Extra options menu


Extra options menu.

Open up the Options menu and press L1, L2, R1, or R2 to open an extra menu. The player can change the blood color, set a bullet multiplier (bullet adjust), and more.

  • Weapon Control
  • Blood Color
  • View Control
  • Retreat Turn
  • Walk/Run Control
  • Auto Aiming
  • View Mode
  • Bullet Adjust

The bullet adjust multiplies any ammo found within ammo boxes by the amount specified. The maximum bullet adjust is x6, and it can be increased by x1 for each new ending the player receives.

Alternative opening scene

If the player obtains the Good+ ending, Jodie Mason will be replaced by Cybil Bennett in the opening scene.


UFO Ending


Silent Hill's UFO ending.

An alternative joke ending. It is unlocked by using the Channeling Stone at five different locations.

  1. Otherworld Midwich Elementary School roof
  2. Otherworld Alchemilla Hospital gates (prior to the Floatstinger boss fight
  3. Norman's Motel parking lot in Resort Area
  4. Houseboat (prior to the lighthouse)
  5. Lighthouse roof


Channeling Stone

Main article: Channeling Stone

An item found at the Circle 8 convenience store on Bachman Road in Old Silent Hill during the second and subsequent playthroughs. It is used to unlock the UFO Ending and subsequently the Hyper Blaster.

Gasoline Tank

Gasoline tank
Main article: Gasoline Tank

An item in the gas station on Bloch Street, Old Silent Hill during the second and subsequent playthroughs. It is used as fuel for the chainsaw or rock drill.



Main article: Katana

A weapon found inside the locked room in the Levin St. House in Old Silent Hill during subsequent playthroughs, after getting both a good and a bad ending. The katana inflicts a lot of damage and several types of attacks are possible, but it can be slow and difficult to use. It also propels Harry forward when he swings it, meaning that if the player holds in the attack button, Harry can move anywhere quite quickly just by swinging the katana, hitting anything in his path.


Main article: Chainsaw

A weapon found in the Cut-Rite Chainsaws Store on Bloch Street in Old Silent Hill during second or subsequent playthroughs. The gasoline tank is needed to use it. The chainsaw is slightly less powerful than the rock drill and has different types of attacks but is slow to recover and rather difficult to use.

Rock Drill

Main article: Rock Drill

A weapon found in the storage room underneath the Orridge Bridge Control Room on Bloch Street in Old Silent Hill during second or subsequent playthroughs. The gasoline tank is needed to use it. The rock drill is very powerful, but it is heavy, difficult to handle, and Harry can't move while using it. It is less cumbersome than the chainsaw, however.

Hyper Blaster

Hyper Blaster
Main article: Hyper Blaster

A weapon found in the inventory when starting a new game while a Konami Justifier is attached to the PlayStation system or after unlocking the UFO Ending. No ammunition is required, and it has a long range. It will automatically aim, which means it will rarely miss its target. The auto-aim can also target enemies in darkness, as well as those hidden behind walls.

Demo version

Silent Hill Demo Disc

Silent Hill demo disc.


Collecting the lobby key.

There were several differences between the demo version and the final version of the game. The demo was included with the original Metal Gear Solid game. [1]

  • The Official PlayStation Magazine #16 (US) demo has many differences from the main game and later demos. It opens with the choice of "Scene 1" (beginning up to the end of the cafe scene[2]) and "Scene 2" (Midwich Elementary). This version also contains many hidden images on the game disc which do not appear in the final game or later demos. The dialogue and memos are different; for example, the piano room memo is called "A Tale of Notes Lost Birds". [3] Instead of being called Old Silent Hill, the residential area is called "Wrightwood". Some of the streets also have different names, and the school is misspelled as "Midwich Elementaly School." [4] The kitchen knife was called a "petty knife". [5]
  • Later demos open with the choice of "Opening" or "Battle" mode.[6] "Opening" is Harry waking up in the car, going to the alley, waking up in the cafe, and meeting Cybil. "Battle" is a modified version of alternate Midwich Elementary. The "Battle" mode ends after Harry finds the lobby key in the locker room and uses it to attempt to leave the building. Both scenarios end with a "Coming Soon" image, either of Dahlia[7] or a body in the school[8].
  • Hell Station, labeled as simply "Gas Station" in the final game, is labeled "Super Tuesday".
  • "Boston Market" had not yet been changed to "Poston Market".[9]
  • A garage door has "STOP" written on it in blood.[10]
  • Police cars say "Buffalo Police - Traffic Div.".[11] Later versions just say "Police".
  • Instead of "Horned Moon Dance", the same store is called "Hand Drawn Ales".[12]
  • In the NTSC version, the game opens with a note[13] that the final version will be for mature audiences, but the demo is for general audiences. The blood in this version is green to be less graphic. The PAL version lacks this paragraph and has red blood.
  • All demo versions have Grey Children. They were replaced with Mumblers in the later PAL versions.
  • All later versions start with "You will encounter a wall of darkness, and the wrath of the underworld. These will help you."[14]
  • One of the books with clues regarding the clock tower has different pictures in it.[15] In the laboratory memo, the last line refers to "sage's salt water" rather than "sage's water".[16] The list of teachers is also missing from the demo version.
  • The hydrochloric acid was sulfuric acid in early versions. [17]
  • Some areas, such as the stairs, are blocked off.[18]
  • While in the Fog World, if Harry inspects the rattling locker in the locker room of Midwich Elementary, he will say: "Locker is locked. There seems to be something inside...". This only occurs in the demo, as the final release has a cat burst from the locker, before it is attacked by a monster.

Deleted, unused and inaccessible content

Unused enemies


Puppet Nurse beta model.

  • There is a beta model of the Puppet Nurse with a different shape of the Parasite and different textures.
  • There are seven unused models and several unused textures of monsters in game data. Six of those unused models seem to be of regular enemies based on animals: a frog, a monkey, a butterfly, a stingray, a snake, and an ostrich. The seventh unused model is a contorted chicken, rumored to be a scrapped boss due to its gigantic size. Masahiro Ito claimed he certainly worked on those enemies but refused to give any further information. [19]


Unused locations

There is a number of rooms in the game files that are nowhere to be found during the game. For example, there is a living room with a fireplace and a painting of a couple. [20]



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