The Silent Hill Town Center is a building in Central Silent Hill on Simmons Street located in the northeast corner of the map in Silent Hill, next to the Green Lion Antiques store.

The building is a two-story shopping mall. The interior contains stores that are mostly closed, escalators, and other things commonly found in an ordinary mall. Although the time spent here is short, notable occurrences do take place that further develop the story.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill 1 cutscene 4-Cheryl Crying For Help

Silent Hill 1 cutscene 4-Cheryl Crying For Help

The video of Cheryl crying for Harry's help.

Although no electronics are functional following the Otherworld shift, Harry Mason finds a set of televisions that mysteriously turn on to display a video. The video shows Harry's daughter Cheryl calling for her father's help, leading Harry to believe she is in immediate danger. To pursue her, Harry explores the town center and subsequently battles the Twinfeeler.


  • Vestal Gigastore - This store has the large television displays on the ground level.
  • Just Cats - This store is on the lower level, on the opposite side as the television displays.
  • Hector Saxe - This is also on the lower level, next to Vestal Gigastore.
  • Cospa - This is on the upper level, past the jewelry shop.
  • Kazanian Jewelry - A jewelry shop that Harry can enter to find health items and ammunition. It also reappears later in Nowhere.
  • The Museum Watch - This store is on the left when Harry goes to the second level.
  • Mellow Gates Gun Shop - This is on the ground level, but Harry can only enter it by falling through the floor of the second level. The Twinfeeler boss fight takes place here, and Harry can get the rifle from a broken window.



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