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Robbie the Rabbit

Robbie the Rabbit is an anthropomorphic rabbit character that has made appearances in many of the Silent Hill games. He is a mascot of Lakeside Amusement Park and has much merchandise based on him, usually as a doll.

Due to limitations, Robbie does not have the textures to appear furry, but seems flexible enough to be a soft plush toy.

For the most part, his role seems to serve little more than to provide an ambiguous level of unease to the player, due to the odd nature of his existence within the world of Silent Hill, his bright colors contrasting from the rust brown and dark red of everything else, and his recurring cameos. Robbie's character could be seen either as an in-joke, a homage to the many horror films that depict bloodied rabbits as nightmarish killers, or it could even be an element of the town itself. It is possible he is simply there as a plot device to help tie each game together in a small, yet memorable way.

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