The Silent Hill Wiki's blog policy is designed to keep the focus on what blogs should aim to be. To maintain this focus there are a few policies regarding blogs.


Please keep our wiki tidy!

  1. Blogs must be on-topic – This means they must discuss something related to the Silent Hill series, or new changes and additions to the wiki. Blogs should not be used for talking about your pet dog, or the really good cup of coffee you've had today.
  2. Blogs should not be short – Blogs should not consist of a single sentence. Blogs should try be be detailed and in-depth. Avoid creating pointless blogs such "I like Silent Hill, who else here does?" Blogs should at least consist of a long paragraph.
  3. Blogs should not solely be used as Q and A – This means if your only purpose is to gather input, it does not count as blog material. It is okay to ask questions, but if your blog is only "My favorite character is James, who is yours?" then that is not enough. A better example would be to include a thorough, detailed explanation on why James is your favorite character, and then dropping the question at the end.
  4. No fan fiction – This is a canonical wiki, and not the place for fan fiction. It serves little purpose to ban its inclusion in the main wiki, but allow it to blossom in the blogs. There are many Silent Hill fan fiction sites across the internet, and even a Silent Hill Fandom Wiki. Users will be redirected to these sites.
  5. Keep it civil – Civility is expected to be maintained in all blog posts and comments. Blogs are not to be used to make a point or make personal attacks against users. Avoid drama with other members.
  6. No objectionable material – Please remember that this is a wiki that children and parents are likely to read. No foul language, or content of a sexual nature.
  7. Blogs do not replace forums – Blogs should not be used to ask for help or other site questions that would be more appropriate in one of the Forums. These blogs will be moved to the appropriate forum before being deleted. Similarly, blogs do not replace article talk pages in being used to talk about changes to a specific article.
  8. No commenting on dead blogs – Please check the date of the most recent comment when commenting on blog posts. If the last comment is more than 6 months old, it's best not to comment on it.
  9. Admin discussion belongs on the forum – If two admins disagree on something, they should discuss it preferably on the discord chatroom, rather than the blogs which everyone can see.
  10. No comment whoring on blogs – Blog comments are good for discussion, but if you and another user are constantly commenting on blogs with short statements that is better suited for chat, use the chat. Otherwise, it causes clutter in Wiki Activity and for people who are seriously editing the site.

Blog posts failing the above rules will be deleted and the user warned and/or blocked at the administrator's discretion.