Note: Please do not take these polls seriously. Their sole purpose is for entertainment. If you are offended, we wish you a better sense of humor.

Favorite protagonist


James Sunderland appeared to be the most common favorite protagonist among fans, with Heather and Harry following.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories platform


There were many votes between the Wii and PS2, but the Wii won in the end with 18 more votes higher than the PS2.

Favorite Mary E. McGlynn song


You're Not Here was the most favorite song among fans.

Next installment in the series


Most fans wanted something close to the original games.

Favorite Silent Hill 4 world


A majority of fans liked the apartment world the most. The forest, water prison, and hospital were about tied. The least liked worlds were the building world and subway world.

Boxart Battle

Silent Hill 1

Part 1

Most fans like the European box art, though plenty of fans also liked the Japanese version too.

Silent Hill 2


Most fans like the American box art by a long shot.

Silent Hill 3


Most fans like the European box art. Muahahaha.

Silent Hill 4


Most fans like the Japanese box art.

Silent Hill: Origins


Most fans liked the Japanese version. The American version had a close following.

Pyramid Head in Revelation


It seems to be a love it or hate it thing with about one-third more people on the hate side.



Most fans believe Robbie is watching you. Before you know it, fans will believe dolls, mannequins and stuffed animals are watching them as well...

Mary vs Maria


Mary won the character battle. True love conquers all?

SH games


The results show that a lot of dedicated and diverse fans visit the site and have beaten at least one game. Thanks!

Silent Hill depression


Most fans tend to at least get a little tearful because of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Downpour


The results show that the majority of silent hill fans loved downpour, with only a few really hating it.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D


Most fans are very interesting in seeing it the first day, while others are mildly interested.

Favorite soundtrack


Most fans prefer Silent Hill 2's music the most. Following comes 3, 4, and then Homecoming.

Sean Bean's fate


According to voters, there's a greater chance of a Game of Thrones crossover than Sean Bean actually surviving this one.

Silent Hill fandom


Most people have been fans since the dawn of time, but we have some neutral fans, and some new fans too.

Revelation review


Most voters enjoyed Revelation to a degree, though many fans absolutely despised it.

2012 review


Most voters felt that Silent Hill: Downpour was the best thing that came out of 2012.

A sticky situation


Most of Silent Hill's fans aren't afraid to venture into the darkness.

Alessa love


Most fans really love Alessa!

SH2 clothing


Most fans would love to have James's jacket!

Town poll

Town Poll

Most fans would love to live in Shepherd's Glen, with Ashfield following.

Plot poll


Most fans would like to see the story of Silent Hill 4 continued.

Silent on Steam

Silent steam

Most fans would like to see Silent Hill 2 become a PC game.

Playtime in Silent Hill

Playtime in Silent Hill

Most fans voted for Alessa Gillespie as their favorite child.

Favorite UFO Ending


Most fans enjoyed Silent Hill 3's UFO ending the most!