There's not a single person here who's right in the head. Not just in this hospital — I mean in all of Silent Hill. Except me.
—Stanley in a note to Heather

Stanley Coleman is a former Brookhaven Hospital patient referenced in Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill 3

It is unknown if Stanley is alive as Heather Mason enters the hospital, although he seems aware of Heather's presence, knowing that she did not take his doll. It is also possible Stanley is a ghost or manifestation, as he seems to have supernatural awareness of Heather, mysteriously knows her name, and may be able to transport himself all over the hospital without him being seen; although it's possible this is simply a result of the power of the town since it transcends space and time. It's also possible his diaries are also a manifestation similar to Mary's letter, and may be a result of Heather's fear of stalkers.

Notes by and about him can be found throughout the hospital. The notes are only obtainable if the player finds the first one, making "finding the Stanley notes" sort of a sidequest. The notes will disappear when the player leaves the area they are in.

There is always a doll that accompanies the notes. If chosen to, the doll can be examined by Heather before reading the diary. She will note that she used to play with such dolls when she was young; after reading the diary, she seems repulsed by Stanley and refuses to pick up the doll, saying: "Disgusting. I won't touch that with a 10-foot pole."

Possibly Stanley under a covered stretcher in the crematorium.

In the Otherworld hospital's basement, Stanley can be heard choking when Heather walks around the stretcher with "7" on it, as if he is desperately trying to communicate with her. The telephone voice that wishes Heather "Happy Birthday" also tells her that Stanley is "underground now" and his new name is "7". This implies that, although Stanley appears to be watching Heather throughout her time in the hospital, he is now dead and may have been the entire time. These sounds can be heard multiple times if Heather leaves the basement and then returns.[1]


Stanley's doll.

Through his hospital note and also his diaries, quite a lot of information can be picked up about Stanley. It is quickly implied and proven that he suffers from branches of an attachment disorder, a psychological disturbance in which a human can become obsessed over a living or even inanimate object. Stanley's is both sexual-oriented and object-related.

His spontaneous, compulsive desire for Heather's affection is known as, quite suitably, obsessive love disorder. This emotional malfunction can lead one to becoming incredulously obsessed with someone he or she does not even truly know, sometimes to such a severity that even sadistic sexual pleasures manifest. Subconscious thoughts that go along these lines can be detected by Stanley alluding to ripping out his heart for Heather, and also his voiced desire to tattoo his own chest (in comparison to the corpse tattoo man) with something brimming with deep meaning. Also, on hard puzzle mode, if the Brookhaven keypad puzzle is indeed written by Stanley, it would also show his extremely obscene romantic ideals. Victims of obsessive love disorder usually do not go through authentic ardor, and as Stanley has presumably never met Heather, this is likely. However, it is still clear that he truly thinks he loves her, especially by him warning Heather about the danger of Leonard Wolf.

The stairwell key glued to the wall.

It is also given that Stanley has an obsession with random objects. He tends to glue subjects to the wall by his bed, ranging from a cookie, a beetle, a card, and even a stairwell key. These can be removed with nail polish remover, which Stanley is clearly spiteful of, as mentioned in one of his diaries.

Overall, Stanley appears to wish he was a normal human, but confesses that he let the asylum get to him.

Hospital note

Stanley Coleman

Room S07.
  Usually passive and cowardly; also egotistical.
  Sometimes shows and acts on obsessive attachment to a particular woman.
  This has caused violent incidents; use caution.

Stanley's diaries

Stanley's diary (Visiting room)


This day has finally come. That's right — the day when you and I will meet.

I was always thinking of you, here in this gloomy cell.
  I never even knew your name or face until today.

But now I know.
  I know you're the one I've been waiting for.

And haven't you been waiting for me, too?
  That's why you came to rescue me.

Oh, how I love you, Heather.

I want to give you my prized doll I made to commemorate our meeting, the start of this everlasting love.
  Ah, I can already see your smiling face.

— Stanley Coleman

Stanley's diary (Room C4)

The Organization has me shut up in here.
  They need to break my will, to make me forget about all that.

But I'll stay sane even if they throw me in here with lunatics.

How about if I stick this to the wall?
  That would be worthless.
  You can peel it off, can't you, with that junk those nasty wenches won't stop using?

If a thing has no meaning, there's no reason for it to exist at all.
  Just as you exist for me.

But why haven't you taken my doll with you?
  Ah, my gift must've embarrassed you.
  How cute you are, Heather!

Stanley Coleman

Stanley's diary (East hall)

Stanley2 .png

You may not yet have realized your own true feelings.
  But you sense them unconsciously.

And so you're trying to get closer to me.
  That's a virtue, the path to Paradise.

If the door's locked, open it.
  Use the password for the prison gates.
  Doctor... I've forgotten his name.
  Anyway, that quack has it posted.

He should be here, too.
  I mean, 4 numbers would've been good enough, but he kept on going.

Isn't it a shame? I'm not there.
  Aren't you irritated?
  I long for you, but you're so cruel.
  Still, I want you, Heather.

Stanley Coleman

Stanley's diary (Staircase)

I also like the rooftop.
  It makes me want to fly.
  You too?

Stanley Coleman

Stanley's diary (Room M4)

There was a tattooed guy on that rumpled bed.
  Not any more, though.
  That alarm clock and filthy bag are his.

Ah, but don't misunderstand.
  I haven't done a thing.
  I didn't hate him, though he was a liar.

Shall I write something of my own?
  On my chest, since I can't cut it open to show you my heart.
  "I Love Heather".

No, something a bit more forceful.
  "I Love Heather" isn't enough for what I feel.
  Oh, what tender emotion this image brings...

Stanley Coleman

Stanley's diary (S.T. Room)

Flowing freely, your ebony hair
  Like the night sky,
  scattering fragrance

My heart, clamoring in my chest
  Like a storm, you trifle with it

Your pristine glance
  Like a feast, when you smile

My thoughts disturbed, my breath
  Like opium, it drives me mad

...Eric, a great poet who conveys
  my feelings so well.
  I shouldn't have let this place get to
  me, should never have gone crazy.
  But it's superbly enjoyable to
  drown in my love for you

But why won't you accept
  proof of my love?
  Don't stand on ceremony, now.

After all, you and I exist as one.
  What I give to you is the same as
  what I give to me.

Stanley Coleman

Stanley's diary (Store Room 3F)

Heather, my most sacred lover.
  I'm always watching you.
  No matter where you are or what you may be doing,
  I have never lost sight of you.

I know you feel intensely lonely.
  Yet with a single key to this door, those feelings won't stand in the way any longer.

We haven't been able to see each other for so long.
  Be patient — it's just a little longer.
  I'll be patient, too, even though I long to hold you in these hands of mine.

The key is behind the shelves in the underground garage.
  Why there?
  Ask that idiot doctor.

There's not a single person here who's right in the head.
  Not just in this hospital — I mean in all of Silent Hill.
  Except me.

Stanley Coleman

Stanley's diary (Room S7)

Goodbye, Heather.
  I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond to your love.

It's all over.
  Leonard despises me — because I made fun of it, saying it would come to this.

If it weren't for his meddling, I would have been able to meet you in just a little while.
  Then I could have taken you to my world.

A world for us alone, more beautiful than this one.

And I had been waiting for this day, for today. The day I'd see you, the day you'd save me.

Heather, watch out for him.
  Leonard is no ordinary guy.

Farewell. I loved you.

Heather, my goddess.
  Heather, my lover.
  Heather, my

Cruel Linnet

Stanley is the "cruel Linnet" in the Hard difficulty Crematorium Puzzle:

The Song of the Linnet
He seeks out her soul by his own black ambition
Frightening her out of her wits
Whispering love songs into her ear
What cruel Linnet wants, he gets.


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