Straight Jacket SHO
Silent Hill: Origins
Other appearances
Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Otherworld Alchemilla Hospital
Cedar Grove Sanitarium
Artaud Theater
Riverside Motel
Streets of Silent Hill
Attack methods
Spews acid at the player
Tries to crush the player with its legs

Straightjacket is a shambling creature wrapped in flesh that appears in Silent Hill: Origins. It twitches violently and appears as if it is trying to break free of its flesh. It also appears in Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

The Straightjacket serves as a semi-boss near the ending portion of Alchemilla Hospital after Travis Grady obtains the first piece of the Flauros and, like the nurses, is capable of using a grappling move. They can be found in every area of the game.


While they initially appear nearly identical to the Lying Figures of Silent Hill 2, they lack the feminine features of those creatures and seem to be trapped in a straightjacket of skin, indicated by the notable folds and creases around their torsos, as opposed to the Lying Figure, which is simply trapped in stretched skin.

They are also similar to the Armless Man from the film, though there are subtle differences between them as well.

At Artaud Theater, they are bloodier than previously seen.


These creatures behave quite differently than the Lying Figures, such as spewing balls of acid while grappling rather than spraying it, as well as their ability to run at a surprising speed. They chase Travis Grady until he either enters another room/building or kills them. Outside, if the player does not react quickly, Travis can easily be swarmed by an infinite number of spawning Straightjackets roaming the streets. They will also jump up and wrap their legs around Travis, and if the player fails to successfully throw off the creature, it will spew acid into Travis's face, doing moderate damage. If one of these monsters is encountered alone, they are trivially easy for Travis to kill with even his bare hands, especially if he manages to attack them from behind or the side. They are the most common enemy in the game, which, combined with the ease of killing them, makes them quite useful if one wishes to gain the "Butcher" ending.


Well this is awkward

A Straightjacket wraps itself around Travis.

The Straightjacket could represent Travis's mother's stay in Cedar Grove Sanitarium and his natural fear and disgust for madmen.

This anomaly could also be yet another beastly manifestation of Travis's sexual deprivation. It mentioned in the opening that Travis has trouble with "finding the right girls", and other monsters in the game connect to this frustration. The manner in which the monsters wraps its legs around Travis and squirms about, sometimes even bending over backwards, can be seen suggestively.

It could also be a metaphor for Travis being unable to escape his past.


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