The Subway Ghost is a bodiless spirit in Silent Hill 3 who haunts the Hazel Street Station. The player cannot attack or kill him, but it is possible for it to indirectly kill the player. It is unknown if the ghost is truly a ghost, or simply a manifestation caused by Heather Mason's subconscious.


A newspaper reveals that it is the ghost of a 40-year-old man who either commited suicide by jumping, or accidentally fell onto, the tracks of an oncoming train. The newspaper claims that there was not enough evidence to come to a definite conclusion regarding if this was suicide or tragic accident, although bystanders did indeed claim the man appeared quite conscious of what he was doing. Regardless if this was accidental or intentional in any way, the train instantly decapitated him.

Silent Hill 3

If Heather Mason reads the article on paranormal activities, she will read about how a person who is unexpectedly killed or commits suicide will repeatedly relive the moment of their death, occasionally acting hostile to those among the living.

If she proceeds to the platform where the man was killed after reading the article, a cutscene will occur. It is possible to avoid the scenario by not reading the newspaper or the magazine article. It seems that both the newspaper and magazine must be read to trigger the scene.

The camera switches to a first-person view of the ghost, hiding as Heather passes by him. When she begins to inspect the tracks from the edge of the platform, the ghost sneaks up behind Heather and abruptly pushes her onto the tracks, ending the cutscene. If Heather does not climb back onto the platform in time, a train will race through the station, killing her on impact.

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