I took a wrong turn... got lost in the fog...
—Suki to Heather, explaining her predicament

Suki is a minor character in Silent Hill: Revelation.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Heather Mason finds Suki trapped in a spider web in the lair of the Mannequin Monster. She frees Suki, and the two flee. As they are hiding, Heather asks where she came from, and Suki states that she took a wrong turn and got lost in the fog. The two flee from the Mannequin Monster which wants to "combine" Suki's body with its own.

As the monster closes in, Heather and Suki crawl into a vent to escape, but the monster grabs Suki and drags her out as she screams, presumably killing her.


  • Coincidentally, her actress shares the first name of the film's protagonist.
  • Suki is a pet name derived from the either the Japanese name Satsuki (meaning "May") or the word suteki (roughly "to like" or "beloved"). This suggests that Suki is not her legal name, but a nickname.
  • Alex Shepherd's dog was similarly named "Shuki" in Silent Hill: Homecoming.
  • It is unknown how Suki could possibly have ended up in the same alternate reality as Heather, given that Dark Alessa controls that reality and wouldn't have any interest in an innocent outsider she had never met.
  • Suki does not appear in the film's original script, only being added later on in development.


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