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Team Silent is the designation used to refer to the now-defunct team responsible for creating the Silent Hill survival horror video game series for publisher Konami and developing Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill 4: The Room. Development of the series was then transferred to Climax Studios, Double Helix Games, Vatra Games, and WayForward Technologies.

Although there is a tendency in the community to view the team as homogeneous across the series prior to Silent Hill: Origins, only Akira Yamaoka, Hiroyuki Owaku, and Masahiro Ito were fixtures for most of the series. Akira Yamaoka had provided music and sound effects for the franchise up until Silent Hill: Shattered Memories when he transferred to Grasshopper Manufacture.

After Silent Hill 4: The Room, Team Silent members left to work on separate projects such as the Siren series.

According to Kenzie LaMar, one of Silent Hill: Homecoming's artists, Konami was responsible for the disbanding of Team Silent, as the company wanted their games to have a "different feeling" to them.[1]

Key members

Keiichiro Toyama

Creator, Director, and Background Designer of Silent Hill. Went on to create the Siren horror game series with other ex-Team Silent members: Naoko Satō and Isao Takahashi.

Hiroyuki Owaku

Scenario Writer of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Credited for the writing of some lyrics for Silent Hill 4: The Room and has a "Special Thanks" for both that game and Silent Hill: Origins.

Akihiro Imamura

Game System Programmer for Silent Hill. Producer of Silent Hill 2 and Sub-Producer of Silent Hill 4.

Masahiro Ito

Monster Designer of Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, and Silent Hill 3, Background Designer of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3, Art Director of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Also credited with a "Special Thanks" for Silent Hill 4: The Room and designed the unreleased Japanese box art for Silent Hill: Homecoming and Downpour.

Suguru Murakoshi

Drama Director and Drama Animator of Silent Hill 2, Director and Scenario Writer of Silent Hill 4.

Takayoshi Sato

Character Designer and CGI Creator of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2.

Masashi Tsuboyama

Background and Motion Designer of Silent Hill, Director and Town Designer of Silent Hill 2, Art Director and Monster Designer of Silent Hill 4.

Kazuhide Nakazawa

Character Animator of Silent Hill 2, Director of Silent Hill 3.

Akira Yamaoka

Series Sound Producer and Music Composer; Producer of Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4. Executive Producer for Silent Hill: Homecoming. Akira Yamaoka also played a major role in the Silent Hill film adaptation by overseeing and approving specific aspects of the movie throughout its production.

Norihito Hatakeda

Lead programmer and graphics designer for Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. He also built the base engine for those games, which allowed them to cast shadows. Hatakeda provided other effects as well, such as the bloody walls in the Otherworld and the rain on the car windshield in Silent Hill 3.


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