Tesla Rifle
Tesla Rifle
The Tesla Rifle
"The mysterious Tesla Rifle, a weapon from another world. The Tesla Rifle harnesses the power of moonbeams to dispense unlimited electric death. Rumor has it the gun was developed using alien technology."
In inventory after starting the game on new fear after the UFO Ending.
Silent Hill: Origins

The Tesla Rifle is an unlockable weapon in Silent Hill: Origins, obtained only after the UFO Ending has been achieved. The weapon looks very futuristic and shoots unlimited electricity from its barrel in opposition to actual ammo. It serves a similar role to that of the Hyper Blaster from the first Silent Hill.

The electric beam appears to have a poor range, although in actuality its damage extends well beyond the visible area of effect.


  • The Tesla Rifle is a reference to an urban myth which stated that Nikola Tesla was, in fact, an alien from Venus, giving explanation to the revolutionary inventions he created.
  • It is possibly a recycled model of a M16 rifle, as it has something similar to a signature M16 handle and an M16 stock. Its barrel also resembles that of an AR-15 Magpul MOE 6920.

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