Turn Back Time

Achievement (Turn Back Time).


Murphy playing the gramophone.

The Gramophone is a sidequest in Silent Hill: Downpour. To get to the sidequest, the player needs to use a ladder hook to lower a ladder at an apartment building on Brite Street to the south of Chastain Heights Cinema, thus gaining access to the apartment.

Quest Solution

Once Murphy Pendleton gains entrance through the window, he finds himself in a rather large and lavishly decorated apartment building. There is a noticeable broken gramophone located close to the entrance. There are also four framed portraits seen hanging up along the banister of the staircase: one of a mother, father, and two children. The first thing to do is go upstairs and enter the door to the right, which is the children's room. The crank can be found lying on a blood-splattered corner cabinet located in the far back. Retrieve the crank and exit the room. Now enter the blood-stained master bedroom to immediately find a record laying on a dresser. Take the vinyl record and leave. After having acquired the necessary items needed to fix the gramophone, the player can now head back downstairs.

Once downstairs, activate the gramophone by inserting the crank and record. Slowly crank it by following the prompts given on-screen. After a couple of turns, a violent crime scene emerges, as the bloodied corpse of a woman will materialize in front of Murphy with a message hastily written in blood just above the body, "Turn back time." Murphy will comment on the message and after he does, he must turn the crank backwards. The camera pans backwards quite a bit to reveal the murder unfolding in reverse, showing the father gruesomely murdering his wife with a fire axe. The scene ends a little past halfway as the gramophone's crank gets stuck. Afterwards, the children are heard crying as they were woken by their mother's screams.


The room of the murder.

After that, two things will happen:

  • The screen will then focus in on the father's portrait, showing a scene of him slowly withdrawing into his own portrait.
  • As he gets back into his portrait, the portraits of the mother, son and daughter will begin to bleed profusely; this is a sign that the murderer's spirit is now active.

The objective now is to kill the spirit of the murderer. Following advice from the scene, guide Murphy towards the portrait of the murderer. The voices repeatedly urge Murphy to "burn his soul to ashes". Thus, equip the lighter and burn the father's portrait. His spirit screams as his portrait is engulfed in flames. This completes the quest, but be warned: if the player waits too long, the father will constantly attack Murphy while inside the estate as he behaves like an invulnerable shadow. As such, it is advised to finish this sidequest quickly. If Murphy abandons the house and returns, the spirits will still be unsettled, therefore making it so the player cannot restart the quest.


  • Completing the sidequest unlocks the achievement/trophy "Turn Back Time".
  • The manner in which the father's spirit slides into the portrait seems to be a nod to the Ghosts from Silent Hill 4: The Room.


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