Many different forms of justice, Chris. See, you got man's, God's, and even the Devil's. Certain forms you just can't control.

Thomas Gucci is a character in the Silent Hill film. He is a police officer who once lived in the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia, before and during the town fire.

Gucci's name derives from a memo from the first Silent Hill video game, though his role in the film replaces Travis Grady from Silent Hill: Origins as a rescuer.

Gucci aids Christopher Da Silva in his search for his missing wife, who had gone to the town of Silent Hill with their daughter.


Gucci was one of the officers summoned by Dahlia Gillespie in a desperate race to save Alessa Gillespie from being immolated by Christabella and her cult. Unfortunately, his arrival was too late to save the girl from the suffering she would endure. Forced to keep the events a secret to protect those involved, and having his own hands permanently scarred from the fire, Gucci lived with the images that have haunted him ever since.

In a flashback, it is shown that when Dahlia realized the cult intended to kill Alessa, she ran to get the police. Gucci was among the first to arrive at the scene and immediately rushed to Alessa's aid. Using his bare hands, he went to release the shackles that were restraining her, burning his hands in the process. He first jumped back from it when it burned, but quickly returned to pulling them off and carrying Alessa to the hospital. This act showed that he was caring and willing to do anything to save an innocent child.

During the fire that followed, Gucci's father, a barber, died.

Silent Hill


Gucci advising Chris to wear his mask.

When Christopher Da Silva arrives at the town to look for his missing wife Rose and daughter Sharon, Gucci steps in to take control of the situation before Christopher can unveil the mysteries hidden within the town. However, his concern for the worried husband is genuine, and he takes him to the seemingly abandoned town in search of the missing pair. When they find nothing, Gucci tries to explain to Christopher that there is nothing more they can do and tells him to go home.

Christopher refuses to give in and breaks into the Toluca County Archives in a bid to search the police archives and later confronts the sister of an orphanage until Gucci walks in on this. Gucci sits down with Christopher and reveals his own personal history with the town, Alessa and the religious fanatics, stating that no matter how terrible the past was, it is best to let it die with the town. When Chris rebuffs this by asking if that's his definition of justice, Gucci responds that there are many forms of justice and shows Chris the burn scars on his palms.

Gucci is last seen dropping off Christopher at the town limits with his vehicle where he is told to go home once again. Chris threatens Gucci that he will return with people who know what they're doing, though Gucci simply ignores this as Chris leaves.


  • "I want as few people to enter that town as possible. People need to be aware of its dangers and remember the lessons of the past." (in Brahams Herald)
  • "90% of the time, Chris, when a wife takes a run, she takes her daughter to a place like this, I'd say she's damn-mad at her husband."
  • "November '74, when the fire caught, they tried to evacuate this place as quick as they could, but... it was hellish, people were dying, and disappearing. Hell, they couldn't even find half the bodies. That was the end of Silent Hill. These were good people. Most of 'em; some, I might say, deserved it."
  • "She wasn't here. Put this mask on; breathe, through that mask." (to Chris when he claims he sensed Rose)
  • "You know what you got now, Chris? How about breaking and entering, and by the looks of this, a little assault as well." (inside the orphanage)
  • "You know, I've seen 12-year-olds who cover the tracks better than you do."
  • "There were these people. These... fanatics. What they did to that child was terrible." (in regards to Alessa's immolation)
  • "What's it gonna be, city boy? I can put you in jail, or you can go home."


  • Gucci's name is taken from the first Silent Hill game. In the Silent Hill Police Station, Harry Mason comes across evidence of the SHPD's investigation of the Order's drug-trafficking ring. According to the account of the investigation, Officer Gucci was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Few further details were given, likely due to the largely secondary nature of the game's drug-trafficking subplot.
  • Gucci's character was never a part of the original script. After Sony refused to accept the script until a major male character was added, the characters of Chris and Officer Gucci were then added, along with the subplot of Chris searching for his missing wife with Gucci's help.
  • Due to the film not following the same continuity as the games, Gucci had replaced Travis Grady in terms of saving Alessa from the cult.
  • During a car ride in Silent Hill, Gucci reveals that his family was killed by the town's coal fire. He also points out a barber shop that his father owned prior to the devastation.
  • In the orphanage, Gucci shows Chris his burned hands and says there are many forms of justice: man's, God's, and the Devil's. This is likely a reference to the three forms of Alessa, with her original body equating "man", her dark side representing the Devil, and her good side representing God.
  • Despite fan theories that Gucci may know the truth of the Otherworld, actor Kim Coates has stated that Gucci had no knowledge of Alessa's vengeful actions.
  • Gucci lied to a newspaper reporter about his whereabouts on the night of the Great Fire. In one of the newspaper articles on Chris's computer, Gucci is quoted as saying that he was off at university when the fire started, though the flashback shows him saving Alessa that night. This was likely an attempt by Gucci to deflect further questioning of his knowledge of that night's events.


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