• Hey guys, I've been surfing through the SHW and reading the forums and I've been really immersed in all your knowledge and information about the game, and I've been a big fan of the series ever since I was a little girl, but as some might know (by taking a quick peek in my profile), I'm Brazilian, and English is not Brazil's first language, in fact, it's very hard to find Brazilians with English fluency, and it's even harder to find Brazilians that are fluent and like Silent Hill. I came across the Brazilian SH Wiki and I noticed that there are only 55 pages since 2013. I wanted to translate the pages to portuguese so the future Brazilian Silent Hill fans who don't speak English have a chance to learn more about the series. Now my question is, would there be a problem with me translating the pages, since I would obviously would be taking content from this Wiki and translating it for another Wiki ? What do you guys think of the idea of having someone translate the Wiki to another language, do you think it's worth the trouble, and do you think it's okay for me to do that ?

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    • There's a whole Spanish wikia for SH, so: I know Portuguese is Brasil's main language, but the people on the español wiki have experience making a different-language version of this wikia, so they might be a good group to talk to. however, I think they're kind of inactive lately. In general, I would say our admins are the best to reach out to. GL!

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    • Jessheeran,

      That's perfectly fine to add our information to the portuguese one! I know that most of the Spanish Wiki has copied our information as well! 

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    • There is also a Polish Silent Hill wiki - which seems to be abandoned right now. I created Wood Side Apartments there and wanted to create more pages but unfortunately I gave up as there was too much information to translate and I needed to focus on my English proficiency exams. Maybe I will continue my translation (it might be handy for my English proficiency). It is okay to use the information on the Polish wiki as well?

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    • Oops, I only just saw this! I'm on it, already creating some content.

      Unfortunately I'm only good for translating, my pages are going to look quite bleak, compared to the ones here. I also noticed theoriginal SHWikia had been abandoned since 2013, and there is a new one (with only 28 pages), but it's been abandoned since 2017. Should I pick up the one thats's got 55 articles but has been abandoned, or the newest one that's also been abandoned? I even thought of starting a new one but there is no point, being that they're completely inactive, but at least I'd have some control of editing in general, but I don't want there to be 500 Silent Hill Wikis. It's a mess. I reached the admin of the 2013 Wikia on Twitter, but he still didn't get back to me. 'Til then, I'll just be translating, I guess...

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    • Ooooh, this sounds like fun! I'd love to help, once you can pinpoint where we'll be starting from. 

      I know of an Icelandic wiki as well. That one will be especially tricky, since their alphabet includes characters not traditionally featured in the English alphabet, such as the thorn (Þ) or the phi (Ø), among numerous others. Luckily I am fluent in Icelandic and Portuguese, although I have no background in Espanol, unfortunately.

      I'd picture there being a Japanese one as well, although I imagine it being pretty well-tended by comparison.

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    • The Japanese one probably puts all our wikias to shame. I can work the Wikis just fine, I've got a system that's got me working quite quickly even sourcing and everything. I think what I'll need help with is really the galleries and building the pages, the info's already getting there!

      I've created over 20 pages in there already (in less than 2 days!) and I'm picking up speed so I'm excited about this project.

      I wish the mods would get back to me! :(

      Are you thinking of working on the Icelandic Wikia?

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    • Yeah, I'm thinking I might just have to, since I'm pretty obsessive-compulsive about unfinished things, and I'd probably just tweak out otherwise.

      Also, If you could just drop me a link to the Brazilian SH Wiki that'd save me so much time. It takes me ages to find these things otherwise lol.

      Happy to lend a hand, amigo!

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    • Here it is!  - Wiki Silent Hill

      As I mentioned, there's no need to create any content pages, I'm doing pretty well organizing myself with the translating, and I've got a system to keep me on track of where to go, so it's mostly filling up the galleries and helping set up subcategories and other stuff that only people who know how to work with IT can do, basically the back-end of the page - I'm not that smart, I just switch languages, the rest is up to everyone else, haha.

      Thank you so much!

      Happy Valentine's Day!

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