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    Letter appears after Cheryl's image on the TV at the mall.

    I'm doing a really deep dive on the Occult secrets and symbolism embedded in SH and came across an image of a letter which appears just after the images of Cheryl and Alessa are shown on those TV's in the mall. Anyone know the significance of this? Thanks
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    • An interesting find, I wasn't aware of this appearing on the TV's!

      The letter itself is the Officer Gucci Report, and the image is just a slightly slanted view of the one that appears when you find the memo in the Police Station. As for its connection to Alessa/Cheryl, I'm not sure! Officer Gucci is not a significant figure in the plot, he is only mentioned in the memo as someone who died, likely due to taking PTV - he never had any connection to Alessa or the ritual that hospitalized her.

      It does seem a little strange that they would use this image without reason though. Maybe it could be speculated that Gucci was on to Kaufmann or the ritual taking place and that he was drugged to silence him by killing him, implying that he is another victim of the Cult? I don't know, but that's something to think about!

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    • Thanks for the info. I completed my analysis of the symbols on the TV's using several different walkthroughs I found on Youtube. The most high res version showed this letter, but the other version I'm watching did not. So, this may not be significant in the context of these symbols at all if its some sort of artifiact from video editing or something like that.

      I am skeptical that this letter is supposed to be part of the TV screens symbols at all. The last thing I want to do is spread disinforamtion of course. I'm doing an Occult interpretation of this game, and what I have found so far is ASTOUNDING. The creator of the series and director of the first game (Toyama) publicly stated he didn't set out to make a horror game, but was more interested in the Occult. Boy was he Ever!

      This letter must be a mistake of some kind. Unless someone can double check and see if they can find it as well. It was only in 1 frame just after the last images of Cheryl and Alessa were visible and before the symbol parade started.

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