• Silent Hill:Recall is a fan project.It is not a video game or comic, but a written version.There will be plenty of things that you remember from the earlier entries in the, Silent Hill community, and there will be some new. To be featured, there will be professional illustrations of the enemies within the story to go along with the descriptions of them.New weapons, old weapons, new locations, old locations, new enemies, new characters, new items, new storyline, and an all new plot to go along.

    Steven Wilcox is your average joe. He lives a normal life, has normal friends, has a good job, and even has a good sex life. However, after a series of nightmares begin to plague Steven, he must now venture back to his hometown to investigate the cause. Because the nightmares centre back to the eery town of Silent Hill, Steven's psychologist suggests returning home to get some closure.Saying goodbye to old friends and family, confronting old enemies, and hopefully getting some much needed peace. But just as things seem to be clearing up for Steven, fate has another idea. Steven finds out that maybe it's not Brahams that might hold the key to his freedom, but Silent Hill. So, Steven must now travel from Brahams, to Silent Hill.

    Now faced with an impossible task,StevenĀ  must journey to hell and back to try andĀ  find the anwers to his many questions. The biggest question is, what lays at the end of his journey? And what will he discover waiting in his past?

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