• Happy new year everyone! It's been a few months since my last post where I discussed some intended changes to the Wiki going forward. 

    So what has happened since then?

    One point I'd like to focus on today, regards a mention in my last announce about separating "fact from fiction" from this Wiki. As such, I'd like to get peoples ideas going forward about making this Wiki a more reputable source for referencing by removing unsourced material/speculation from our pages. I'm aware that the Silent Hill community is built up on theory-crafting - so, rather than remove it completely from our Wiki, potentially we could think about creating new areas or pages devoted just to speculative material. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

    Finally I'd like to mention a couple of promotions on the Wiki since the last update:

    Bureaucrat - Canieattacos

    Admin - Ozzkat

    Site Moderator - Staurophobia

    Content Supporter - Octonius

    Content Supporter - Dark Shackle


    A full list of all roles, including active members can be found here

    On one more final note - I'd like to callout again that a few of us are using the Konami Classics Discord channel for communication purposes. Feel free to pop me a message on there ( - post in the #silent_hill channel)

    Thanks all and happy editing!


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    • Sorry I've been taking a break from going on infobox update binges; my keyboard is literally missing 20+ keys, so I have like, smash the pressure sensors, so editing has been low on my to-do list out of frustration until I get my new laptop, hopefully very soon.

      About speculation. As you said, the Silent Hill universe is filled to the brim with what can only be filled by realistic theories, and I personally think it would be a negative to completely remove their presence on the appropriate page. One of the things that got me hooked on SH was discovering theories I had not thought of; it adds more mystery to the already-curious franchise.

      I believe keeping our "speculation" template suits well enough, but if we'd have to use it more frequently, adapt it to be less intrusive and more subtle. Or, for the subject's page, we could just have a whole "Speculation" section.

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    • The main concern I have is speculation embedded within walls of text - so it's hard to determine what is fact from fiction. Maybe we just seperate all speculation into a different section on the page, so it is still there, but away from the main body of text. That way it's best of both worlds. Thoughts?

      Also no worries :) Help whenever you can, you've been more active that most of us for a while :D

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    • That sounds fine to me!

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    • Hey Rob! I can't recall if I've asked this before, but do we have updated "item" or "song" infoboxes? If not, if I'm capable, I can try to make them if I have a reference of the other boxes. My OCD's going insane seeing some pages with the new version, and others with the old, heh.

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