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This is a timeline for the Silent Hill series based on as much official information as possible. Please ensure that all dates are official, referenced and appear chronologically. Please also note that while this timeline is primarily factual, some dates may be speculated or inferred.

Please note that this timeline may ignore dates from textures such as calendars in-game, as there is no proof the developers intended them to be canon, or the textures themselves are illegible.

For a timeline of film events, please see Timeline (film).


Main universe

Pre-16th century

  • Native Americans regard Silent Hill as a sacred place and conduct rituals in the area, calling it the "Place of Silent Spirits".[1]


  • Around this time, England begins colonizing North America.[1]
  • Settlers arrive to Silent Hill, causing the natives to leave the area.[1]
  • The Salem Witch Trials occur in Salem, Massachusetts.[1]


  • Silent Hill is abandoned after a strange epidemic spreads rapidly.[1]
  • The United States Declaration of Independence is established.[1]
  • George Washington is inaugurated as the first president of the United States.[1]


  • A civil war breaks out around this time.[1]
  • Subsequently, the town resettles into a penal colony and Silent Hill Prison is constructed.[1]
  • Brookhaven Hospital is established in response to the spread of a new disease.[1]
  • The town is officially named "Silent Hill".[1]
  • On March 15th, Maine secedes from Massachusetts and becomes a state.[1]
  • Allen Smith paints Waterfront Landscape around this time.[1]
  • The Indian Removal Act is established.[1]
  • Silent Hill Prison closes around this time.[1]
  • A coal field is discovered in Silent Hill, leading to the establishment of the Wiltse Coal Mine which revitalizes the town.[1]

The four founders of Shepherd's Glen.

  • Shepherd's Glen is founded by Isaac Shepherd, Edith Holloway, Cornelius Fitch and Mason Bartlett. They fled from their brethren and entered into a contract.[2]
  • Daniel Shepherd, Ann Holloway, Theodore Fitch and Helen Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective families on September 23rd to appease God.
  • The Gillespie Coal & Iron Company begin extracting ore from the Devil's Pit.
  • The American Civil War begins.
  • Silent Hill residents Patrick Chester and his son fight in the war.[1]
  • Toluca prison camp is built to house POWs.[1]
  • The American Civil War ends in a Union victory.[1]

Jebediah Foster and Esther Munroe traveling to Silent Hill in 1867.

  • The events of Past Life occur. Inola, a Cherokee woman, used Esther Munroe to rebirth her deceased daughter, Awinita. It is implied Awinita's original incarnation was killed by Jebediah Foster.
  • Native American resistance comes to an end following the Wounded Knee Massacre.[1]
  • Around this time, people in Silent Hill begin mysteriously disappearing.[1]
  • Bartlett Vineyards is established.
  • Brookhaven Hospital expands into a larger establishment.[1]


  • In the early 1900s, Toluca Prison closes and Silent Hill becomes a tourist area.[1]
  • The Wiltse coal mine closes.[1]
  • Thomas Shepherd, Earnest Holloway, Rose Fitch and Charles Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective families to appease God.
  • According to local legend, miners discover mysterious symbols carved into the walls of a limestone grotto in the Superstition Caverns, leading to wild speculation about witchcraft and the occult. Soon after, a series of unfortunate accidents and reports of mysterious creatures force the Gillespie Coal & Iron Company to suspend mining operations along this seam.

The Little Baroness sailing across Toluca Lake.

  • In November, a tourist ship called the Little Baroness goes missing on Toluca Lake.
  • A series of strange boating accidents occur on Toluca Lake, diminishing the town's reputation as a tourist area.[1]
  • Rebecca Shepherd, Lawrence Holloway, Rusty Fitch and Patricia Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective families to appease God.
Late-1950s, Early-1960s

Richard and Travis stay at Riverside Motel.


Eric, Tina and Bill become trapped in the Fog World.


  • Shepherd's Glen celebrates its 150th anniversary on Saturday and Sunday, September 20th and 21st respectively.
  • Scarlet Fitch, Nora Holloway and Joey Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective parents to appease God.
  • Joshua Shepherd dies in a boating accident and Alex is sent away to a mental hospital.[13]

Alex says goodbye to Travis as he returns to Shepherd's Glen.

  • Alex escapes from the unspecified mental hospital he was staying at (implied to be Alchemilla, but unknown for sure) and returns to Shepherd's Glen.
  • In October, the events of Silent Hill: Homecoming occur.[14]

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories universe


  • Daniel R. Bryant and a group of thirty four pioneers cross Toluca Lake to arrive in Silent Hill.
  • In 1743, Daniel R. Bryant dies from influenza and is buried in town. An overlook is named in his memory.




  • The events of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories occur.[16]

Births and deaths



  • 1819: Mason Bartlett is born.
  • 1820: Isaac Shepherd is born.
  • 1848: Daniel Shepherd is born.
  • 1855: Andrew Fitch is born.
  • 1857: Elizabeth Fitch (née unknown) is born.
  • 1864: William Shepherd is born.
  • 1865: Catherine Shepherd (née unknown) is born.
    Frederick Holloway is born on November 24th.
  • 1868: John Holloway is born on June 12th.
  • 1870: Nancy Holloway (née unknown) is born on June 22nd.
  • 1872: Lydia Bartlett is born.
  • 1875: Stephanie Shepherd (née unknown) is born.
  • 1876: David Shepherd is born.
  • 1877: Lois Bartlett (née unknown) is born.
    Regina Fitch is born to Andrew and Elizabeth Fitch.
  • 1885: Henry Holloway is born on December 12th.
  • 1887: Robert Holloway is born on August 17th.
  • 1889: Sophie Holloway (née unknown) is born on July 29th.
  • 1893: Mary Bartlett (née unknown) is born.



Pre-16th Century


  • 1874: Mason Bartlett dies on March 10th.
  • 1882: Isaac Shepherd dies on March 9th.
  • 1887: Andrew Fitch dies on April 15th.
  • 1889: Catherine Shepherd dies on January 1st.
    William Shepherd dies on March 1st.
  • 1892: Henry Holloway dies on February 4th.
  • 1894: Lydia Bartlett dies on April 5th.
  • 1896: Lois Bartlett dies on May 6th.
  • 1897: Elizabeth Fitch dies on June 29th.
  • 1899: Nancy Holloway dies on December 16th.
    Stephanie Shepherd dies on December 31st.


  • 1900: Frederick Holloway dies on January 16th.
  • 1901: John Holloway dies on October 29th.
  • 1903: Thomas Shepherd dies.
    Earnest Holloway dies.
    Rose Fitch dies.
    Charles Bartlett dies.
  • 1910: Robert Holloway dies on January 23rd.
    David Shepherd dies on March 1st.
  • 1917: Caleb Bartlett dies on August 3rd.
    Mary Bartlett dies on August 4th.
  • 1920: Sophie Holloway dies on September 13th.
  • 1923: Regina Fitch dies on May 14th.
  • 1934: Horace H. Bartlett dies on March 10th in a powder mill explosion.
  • 1953: Rebecca Shepherd dies.
    Lawrence Holloway dies.
    Rusty Fitch dies.
    Patricia Bartlett dies.
  • 1961: Richard Grady commits suicide on June 12th.
  • 2004: Ariadne Johnson drowns.


Japanese materials

Lost Memories: Silent Hill Chronicle, ALESSA'S HISTORY (pg.8-9).

  • According to Lost Memories: Silent Hill Chronicle, the games prior to Silent Hill 4 take place in order of release. However, they are not given concrete dates. This likely implies that the games did not have established dates to begin with.
  • Also in the Lost Memories document, it is noted that Harry's wife dies 11 years before Cheryl is born. The document then goes on to establish that Harry and his wife found Cheryl together. Because of the evidence against this date, it can be safely disregarded altogether.
  • Silent Hill 4 contains a series of diaries written by the young Walter Sullivan in Silent Hill, able to be read by Eileen. One of these entries implies that it was written on Sunday, October 21st. As a year for this date is never revealed, it is most likely that it was not meant to have any significant relevance to a larger timeline.
  • The only Japanese game to offer an official date is The Arcade, which takes place in 1993. Its place among the other games from this time period is unknown.

Western materials

  • One of the promotional materials for Silent Hill Homecoming is a document meant to be written by Alex Shepherd. It places vague dates for the first 3 Silent Hill games. However, these dates appear to be based on fan theories and not official materials from those games.



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  1. This date was established much later and is not supported by the original game's materials.
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  6. The date listed in Alex's Diary is partially scribbled out. If the text is copied from diary and pasted to a text editor, the hidden date for Silent Hill 3 is 2000.