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The Silent Hill film and Silent Hill: Revelation are non-canonical additions to the Silent Hill franchise that have a storyline and mythology that is unique and remains separate from that of the games.


According to Revelation, Silent Hill, West Virginia was originally a prison colony, built on ground taken from the native "Indians". They called it "The Place of the Silent Spirits".

The town of Silent Hill was discovered in the 1600's by a religious cult which believed in finding and burning witches to keep themselves and their town pure. Over the years, the cult kept a strong presence in the town, with their religious symbol marked on several of the town's notable buildings. After discovering the town, the cult found a "witch" named Jennifer Carroll and had her burned alive. The painting of her death was titled "The First Burning" and hung in both the Grand Hotel and the cult's main church.

Alessa Burns

Alessa's burns.

Sometime later, Dahlia Gillespie gave birth to an illegitimate child named Alessa. Alessa was immediately branded as "sin incarnate", and it was her hatred due to the cult's horrific actions against her that would eventually destroy the cult. Christabella, the leader of the cult, convinced Dahlia to allow them to "purify" Alessa, and led Dahlia to believe that they would help her frightened and ostracized child. However, Alessa was burned alive as a witch, and the pit of burning coals overturned, catching the church on fire. Those coals trapped beneath the overturned pit ate down into the coal mines beneath the town, setting the town on fire and killing several of its residents.

Lying in the hospital, Alessa split her soul and created the Otherworld and the Fog World, which she used to punish her tormentors.

From that day forward, Silent Hill became a ghost town, only visited by vagrants and criminals. Its fumes were believed to be toxic, and the town was locked off by the police.

Alternate background

In the sequel, much of the continuity of the first film was changed, including Silent Hill's history. In the continuity set forth by Silent Hill: Revelation, the cult did not fear witches, but instead were looking for someone gifted with unnatural powers to impregnate with their God in a ritual involving having the victim burned alive. It is unclear if Jennifer Carroll exists in the Revelation timeline. The cult noticed Alessa had powers and so had her burned alive as part of the impregnation ritual, which caused her to split her soul and drag the entire town into an alternate reality. In Revelation's timeline, the Great Fire was not started by Alessa's burning, but as a side effect of the alternate reality overtaking the town. According to Revelation, the alternate reality has always existed, rather than being created by Alessa.

Revelation states that Silent Hill was originally a sacred Indian burial ground, and implies that the alternate reality is related to that.


Note: Information in red means that it is added by Revelation.


  • A mining explosion disaster occurs in the Number One Coal Mine in Silent Hill, West Virginia on May 3rd. Several miners were killed in the accident.[1]



  • Brookhaven Hospital is established.[3]


  • Christabella is born.[1]


  • Dahlia Gillespie is born.[2]


  • Alessa Gillespie is born.[3]




The Great Fire.


  • The daughter of a mayor in a nearby town goes missing in Silent Hill.[4]
  • The road to Silent Hill is closed off with a padlocked fence.[4]


  • Three teenagers sneak into Silent Hill. Two are found dead the next day and one other remains in a coma.[6]


  • A child is kidnapped from Gans County and is "cut up" by his attacker. His dead body is dropped down one of Silent Hill's mine vents. Police were never able to retrieve it.[7]

Circa 1993


  • Sharon is created using the good side of Alessa's soul.[6]




  • Chris kills a member of the Order in Portland, Maine, in self-defense. Chris and Sharon go on the run from the Order. [9]


  • Events of Silent Hill: Revelation occur in January.[10]


  • There is two-year age discrepancy between both films for Sharon and Alessa. The first film suggests Sharon is nine years old when Chris tells Sister Margaret that 9 years ago, a child was left at the orphanage. In addition, Silent Hill: The Novel states she is 9. Alessa's police report states that Alessa was nine years old when she was burned alive. However, in Revelation, Sharon says to the class "This is the fifth school I've been to since I was 11", a prop for Alessa says "Young Alessa (11 years old)", and various Revelation interviews say that six years passed between both films. Sharon is turning 18 around January 2011, which means she had to have been 11 during the first film's events in Revelation's timeline, rather than nine.


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