The Toluca County Archives, also called the Brahams Archives, is a structure in the town of Brahams in Toluca County, West Virginia. Established in 1889 with the founding of the town of Brahams, The Toluca County Archives is a repository of official documents from the various municipalities falling under county jurisdiction.

Silent Hill

As Christopher Da Silva tries desperately to understand the circumstances of the mysteries surrounding the town of Silent Hill, as well as the disappearances of his wife, Rose Da Silva, and his daughter Sharon, Christopher makes a call to the Toluca County Archives, requesting access to the police records of Silent Hill. To his dismay, access to the records is restricted.

In an attempt to circumvent this, Chris breaks into the archive building and begins searching through the records of the town on his own. During his search, he comes upon a police report pertaining to the devastating fire that ultimately lead to the abandonment of the town some thirty years prior. He also finds information regarding a young girl who is identical to his own daughter.

Armed with this knowledge, Chris sets off to the Toluca County Orphanage, where he and his wife had adopted Sharon some years before, intent on finding answers.


  • When Chris calls the Archive office for information, the woman answering the phone identifies the repository as the Toluca County Archives. The building Chris visits, however, is designated the Brahams Archives. In the promotional 3 page paper released to promote the film, the Toluca County Archives is renamed again as the Brahams Hall of Records.


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