The Toluca Lake Offices is a building in Central Silent Hill introduced in Silent Hill: Homecoming. As its name states, the building houses a number of offices (albeit for reasons unknown) and has been left abandoned and deteriorating by the time Alex Shepherd enters it. It has an atmosphere very much like that of the Grand Hotel visited earlier; its textures are clammy and old, and it's very dark, save for a few lighted spots. It seems that nature has begun the process of reclaiming the offices' foundation, as various spots are overgrown with grasses and its walls are eroding away. Its exact location is adjacent to the Toluca Lake Water and Power building.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

The offices are only visited for a short time and do not play that important a role in the game. Alex must pass through the offices as the Toluca Water and Power building is inaccessible from the outside. Within the offices are a few items, including the turquoise needed for the M14 Assault Rifle sidequest and a key needed to access the Water and Power building. Other than the items, a memo, and ammunition, Alex finds not much else but locked doors.

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