Hey, Tookie here! I'm looking for happy young kids to star in an exciting video all about me and the place I call home, the Toluca Mall!

Tookie the Toucan is the mascot of Toluca Mall in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

When a girl asked her father for gumballs, she told him that she wanted gumballs that matched her favorite colors, which are the stripes of Tookie's beak: yellow, red, pink and purple. It is implied that the two people heard on the voice mail are in fact Cheryl and Harry Mason.

If Harry calls the Tookie number, the messages say that they are looking for children to star in an educational safety video or a video on “the joys of shopping” with Tookie.

In addition to the billboard outside, Tookie can be found in various other locations: Cheryl has a stuffed Tookie doll, and after leaving the Green Lion Pawn Shop and before meeting Dahlia Mason there is a large Tookie statue in the middle of the mall. A Tookie display can be found in the greeting card store; in a back hallway, there is poster about mall safety with Tookie on it.


  • It appears that Tookie was modeled after Toucan Sam, the mascot of Froot Loops.
  • Similar to how Robbie the Rabbit was the "mascot" in earlier Silent Hill games, Tookie could be considered a mascot in Shattered Memories.


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