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Hey, chill. You don't see me bringing up your issues.
—Travis to his "buddy"

Travis Grady is the protagonist of Silent Hill: Origins. He is a troubled and lonely truck driver with a dark past. Travis is running late on a delivery to Brahms and decides to take a shortcut through the town of Silent Hill. In doing so, he remembers the horrible tragedies that took place years ago, as well as digging into a religious conspiracy regarding a cult known as the Order occurring within the town.


Travis was born to a married couple named Richard and Helen Grady. During Travis's early childhood, his mother started suffering from severe psychological delusions, claiming beings from a mirror world told her that her son was a "devil child", ending in her attempt to try to gas herself and Travis.

Police broke into the house and both were moved to the hospital, and Richard later transferred Helen to the Cedar Grove Sanitarium, which is an important location in game. While she was there, Travis, missing his mother, snuck into the sanitarium, most likely to give her the "Daddy, Momma & Travis" drawing found there later. However, Travis was found and was brought home by his father.

Travis at his father's funeral.

The two of them later checked into Riverside Motel, and Richard, on the advice of a doctor, told his son that his mother had died, but kept writing letters to her. Richard, while at the motel, moved deeper into a state of depression and finally hung himself in Room 500. Travis, having been out playing at the motel's arcade during his father's suicide, locked himself in the room with his father's corpse and stood there talking to it until the cleaners found them the next morning.

What happened to Travis in his childhood after this incident remains unknown, but the events most likely would have taken a heavy toll on his sanity and mental health and may allude to his questionable past.

Silent Hill: Origins

Travis saving Alessa from the house fire.

About 15 years later, Travis is a truck driver haunted by nightmares of his past. On a routine drive to Brahms one day, he decides to take a shortcut through the town of Silent Hill. Driving on an unusually foggy road, he immediately stops his truck to prevent hitting an unknown cloaked pedestrian. Upon exiting the truck, he notices the figure is gone.

Trying to find the person, he wanders down the foggy road on foot, eventually coming to a burning house. He briefly sees Dahlia Gillespie skulking in the shadows, but she backs away. Hearing a scream inside the house, Travis becomes concerned and heroically searches the house. He soon discovers the charred and badly burnt body of Alessa Gillespie. He carries her body out of the house, and shortly after, passes out in the front yard to the sounds of sirens. Travis wakes up on a bench in Silent Hill itself, and leaves to make his way to Alchemilla Hospital to inquire about Alessa's health and see if she survived the fire.

Alessa teaches Travis how to shift worlds.

Shortly after entering, he meets Michael Kaufmann, but is simply told Alessa isn't at the hospital. However, Travis takes an elevator to the second floor and encounters an unharmed Alessa behind a large mirror, which she "teaches" him how to use; by touching the mirror with his hands, he himself can shift the town into its foggy and hellish counterparts. Travis finds a piece of the Flauros and meets a nurse, Lisa Garland, who tells him that she plans to meet Kaufmann at Cedar Grove Sanitarium.

Richard's suicide in Room 500 of the motel.

He travels through the town, including Cedar Grove Sanitarium, Artaud Theater and Riverside Motel, discovering that his father killed himself and that his mother went insane and was placed in the Sanitarium. All the while, Travis is stalked by the Butcher, and entity that represents his inner demons. Travis defeats the evil incarnations of his deceased parents, and defeats the Butcher as well, finally gaining solace from his past.

Due to his troubled past, Alessa targets Travis as her unwilling aid in fulfilling her desire to prevent the birth of God. Travis unknowingly helps her by traveling throughout the town and collecting the Past, Present, Future, Falsehood, and Truth pieces of the Flauros, which has the power to expel Alessa's Dream at the climax of the story. Although Travis wants to leave the town as quickly as possible, he later realizes the importance of his role and stays to finish the job of his own free will. Depending on the ending the player receives, Travis has a different fate, though only the Good Ending is canon.



Silent Hill Origins - Endings

All three endings.

  • Good Ending: Travis successfully defeats the demon, and Alessa is pleased. She splits her soul in half, which is noted to be the birth of Cheryl Mason. Travis is then seen walking on the outskirts of the town towards his truck. The sky is blue with clouds and relatively little fog, indicating the area he is in is not under the influence of Alessa or Silent Hill, or that Alessa has reverted the town back to normal. As he gets in, he sees a content Alessa with the baby, who stares happily at him in the rear-view mirror of his truck. Travis resets the meter that shows the mileage, which represents him starting over anew.

Travis in the Bad Ending.

  • Bad Ending: Travis is restrained to a table in a relatively dark room, while cult members inject an unknown liquid into him. Images of the Butcher flicker on and off as he lays on the ground staring at his bloodied hands. Sound clips of unknown people screaming in pain can be heard, with one person saying "I'm not your momma!".
    • This indicates that the Butcher may have actually been another identity of Travis, as Travis possibly was a serial killer in his past or killed before; even being responsible for the death of his father. The crime pictures that he collects through the Riverside Motel may be an indication of Travis being a serial killer, possibly that he's the one who committed those crimes. If the player examines the shovel, Travis even gives a dark and cryptic comment, "Good for maiming bodies and burying them."

Travis in the UFO Ending.

  • UFO Ending: Travis tries to enter a certain apartment room before the end of the game. However, after trying to unlock the door using its key, he realizes that it doesn't fit. Travis takes a brief moment to enjoy the moon when suddenly a UFO descends with Mira and an alien. Travis asks the pair if they have seen his truck. They claim it is on their home planet and ask him to go with them. Travis asks if he can drive and the alien asks if he can drive "stick". He joins them on the ship and they leave Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Alex thanking Travis for the ride.

Having only a brief cameo in Silent Hill: Homecoming, Travis gives Alex Shepherd a lift home to Shepherd's Glen. Travis left Silent Hill in the normal world, but was once again in the Fog World as he drove Alex to his hometown, although it's possible that he, just like Laura in Silent Hill 2, only saw the Real World, not the Fog World. The reasons for this are unknown.

Also, despite being decades older, Travis still has the same style in clothing, as he sports a vest and flannel shirt. He also sports a full beard.

He seems to have some friendship with Alex, who he believes is a soldier. This may symbolize, along with him still being a trucker, that Travis has not moved on from his past and that he is still tormented. However, seeing as how he does not seem to recognize Shepherd's Glen being in the Fog World, it could very well mean that he has moved on with his life, and may just enjoy being a trucker.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Travis in Silent Hill: Revelation.

Travis makes a brief cameo at the end of Silent Hill: Revelation. After Heather Mason and Vincent Cooper leave Silent Hill, they hitch a ride with a truck driver, who mentions their luck as he "hasn't been out this way in a long time" and states his name is Travis Grady. He asks the two where they are heading, to which Heather answers: "Just take us as far away from here as you can". He is played by actor Peter Outerbridge.


  • "Late on a gig, bud. I'm taking the shortcut past Silent Hill. Stopping for coffee as soon as I hit Brahms. I'm beat."
  • "Guess I just don't meet the right girls, bud."
  • "With my job, I spend a lot of time on the road at night. When something goes wrong, it's good to have this thing strapped to my jacket." (In regards to Travis' flashlight)
  • "Handy when I'm unloading my rig. Tunes tend to keep the boredom at bay." (In regards to the pocket radio)
  • "A strange symbol. Looking at it makes my head hurt." (In regards to the Halo of the Sun)
  • "Safe now... Hey, someone help her! Where is... everyone...?"
  • "I don't have any change. Who would I call, anyway?" (In regards to a payphone)
  • "I'm seeing things... this ain't right."
  • "Why did nobody help her? You all left that girl to burn!" (Travis confronting Dahlia Gillespie)
  • "They're all crazy..."
  • "I can't see anything of interest. Judging by the dust on these things, I'm not the only one."
  • "Someone left their doll. I'll leave it here in case they come looking for it."
  • "Rusty fuse box. Probably full of rusty fuses."
  • "Don't shave much, myself. The job doesn't exactly require the clean-cut look."
  • "Lisa? You're here too? Can you see all this stuff? Is it all... dark for you too?"
  • "Music stands. I can't play any instruments."
  • "Momma? Daddy said you were dead. Are you dead?" (young Travis in a flashback)
  • "Other people's jokes don't make me laugh."
  • "The stuff in my head is bad enough... I don't need any of these." (In regards to a shelf of horror books)
  • "I only smoke when I'm happy."
  • "Stuffed animals. This kind of thing makes me feel bad." (In regards to taxidermy)
  • "All the dates have expired, so...I'd rather not drink these."
  • "I always used to love this brand of ice cream when I was a kid. When I grew up I lost my sweet tooth."
  • "Some white powder. I try to stay away from this type of thing."
  • "When I hold it in my hand, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end." (In regards to Room 500 key)
  • "Daddy... I won the game... I still got a quarter left. You want the quarter? Daddy... wake up. Please, Daddy." (young Travis in a flashback)
  • "How is this even possible? Dad... How could he DO that to himself?"
  • "Why won't you let me forget? Why are you doing this to me!? Come out! I've got your... your THING for you! Happy? You dug up my parents. What now? When do we get to look inside YOUR sick little mind?" (confronting Alessa)
  • "I just want this all to be over. I thought that's what she wanted, too. I want out! Can you help me?" (to Dahlia)
  • "I'm not going back." (Travis bravely exiting the tunnel into the cult anteroom; his last remark in Origins)
  • "Sometimes I like to take my bike and ride into the night. That's when I wear these leathers." (In regards to the Savior accolade)
  • "The lonely moon... you've always been there for me, haven't ya?" (in the UFO ending)


Travis wearing his very own Mira fursuit.

  • An early image released for Origins suggests that Travis was originally supposed to have his own younger child manifestation in the town, similar to Walter Sullivan and Anne Marie Cunningham.[1] In the final version, however, young Travis is only seen in flashbacks.
  • Helen Grady tried to kill Travis because the people in the mirror told her to kill "the devil child". This may have not entirely been the ramblings of an lunatic but her seeing the truth of what her son was destined to become considering the "Bad" ending of Silent Hill: Origins.
    • Considering the parallels between Travis and Alessa regarding abuse and suffering inflicted by their mother figure and a personality split taking place after (as implied in this note), and knowing that the ramblings Helen gives with regard to the mirrors is actually somewhat true as they are portals to the Otherworld, it is possible that the Order's god influenced Helen to do this knowing it would cause Travis this suffering. With the god being nurtured by hate, pain, and said suffering, and Travis having come into contact with it at the end of the game, this could have been a plot for Travis to bring the god into the physical realm. This would put quite the spin on the "Bad" ending.
  • Travis seems to have some knowledge of firearms, as he was able to determine that the assault rifle was a knock-off of an AK-47, instead of the genuine article. He can also distinguish between a model replica and an actual working gun. He mentions that the Target Pistol is "the type of thing you would see at a shooting range", although whether this is just passing knowledge or indication that he visited a shooting range in the past is unknown.
  • Travis is one of three protagonists to canonically appear in more than one Silent Hill game; the others being Harry Mason and Heather Mason.
  • Travis is currently the oldest living protagonist in the series.
  • In Silent Hill: Homecoming, there was originally a hunter character that Alex meets and helps out in the woods. The character was scrapped, but the model itself was modified and used instead for Travis Grady.
  • In Silent Hill: Homecoming, Alex can cosplay as Travis.
  • Travis is the only protagonist who can willingly travel between the Fog World and the Otherworld.

Travis in the joke ending of Book of Memories.

  • Travis appears briefly in the joke ending of Silent Hill: Book of Memories. He is seen sitting on the sidewalk alongside a sign that says "$ for gas".
  • Travis is the first of two protagonists who can brawl with monsters empty-handed, the second being Murphy Pendleton.
  • Travis' truck makes a cameo appearance in Silent Hill: Downpour, although Travis himself is nowhere to be found.
  • Travis is the only protagonist of the series to never swear or use foul language once in any of his appearances.



Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Revelation

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