Useless Trinkets

Various trinkets.

Ten Trinkets can be found in Silent Hill: Downpour. Once found in-game, they can be observed in the collectibles section under the extras menu. Only three of the trinkets can be found on a first playthrough, as they relate to the events of Downpour. The other seven, which are references to previous games, are found as part of the "Digging Up the Past" sidequest and can only be found on a second playthrough. Collecting all trinkets in the game will award the player the "Useless Trinkets" achievement.

Downpour trinkets

  • Child's Kite: A kite with the initials C.P. painted on it. Presumably the kite Charlie Pendleton was flying with his father before he was kidnapped. Found on a bench in Logan's Park.
  • Canvas Sack: A heavy, wet sack that smells like it was found on the bottom of the lake. Likely the sack that Patrick Napier drowned Charlie in. Found in a classroom in St. Maria's Monastery.
  • Toy Van: A toy car, though it is described as being identical to the van owned by Patrick Napier. Found in St. Maria's Monastery restroom on the way to the medical wing.

"Digging Up the Past" trinkets

These trinkets are all connected to previous Silent Hill games, and can be found by using a shovel to dig up the soft dirt near seven barrels with lit candles on top. The candles are unlit on a first playthrough and will go out once the trinket has been collected.

  • Radio: Heather Mason's radio from Silent Hill 3. Much like past protagonists, Murphy wonders what's wrong with it. Found in a backyard of a house near Straub St. in Hillside.
  • Alien Toy: A toy of a Grey alien. Murphy wonders if people really believe in that sort of thing. Found in the backyard of the house that leads to Pearl Creek.
  • Hyper Blaster: The Hyper Blaster from Silent Hill. Murphy calls it fancy and notes that it's too bad it doesn't work. Found in a playground past an apartment building.
  • UFO: A toy flying saucer. Murphy supposes that abduction is one way to get out of Silent Hill. Found in Logan's Park, north of the gate leading to Chastain Heights.
  • Circle Emblem: The Seal of Metatron from Silent Hill 3. Murphy says that it creeps him out. Found in a fenced-in park behind the movie theater.
  • Robbie: A Robbie the Rabbit doll. Murphy says that he's been showing up a lot lately. Found off the north path before St. Maria's Monastery.
  • Aglaophotis: A vial of red liquid. Murphy doesn't know what it is, though he says that it smells bad. Found in the Port District, next to the house with an unusual mirror.


Downpour Trinkets

"Digging Up the Past" Trinkets

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